Acoustics: miscellaneous

Acoustics and aeraulics - Study/engineering

Acoustic comfort- measurements, study, works

Acoustic compliance

Acoustics of aeraulic networks

Acoustics of noisy workspaces

Architectural acoustics

Building acoustics – engineering and works

Building acoustics – noise limitation and acoustical comfort

Environmental acoustics - studies and works

Fluid networks acoustics

Industrial acoustics – engineering and constructions

Reverberation control - measurements, study-engineering, works

Room acoustics - measurements, studies and works

Ventilation systems acoustics

software SILDIS® (CAD)

Acoustics: R&D

Acoustic R&D

Research in acoustics

Research and development ITS (acoustics)

Acoustics: FEM,
BEM, CFD computations

Calculations in acoustics and computational fluid dynamics (FEM, BEM, CFD)


Soundproofing of buildings

Soundproofing for environmental protection

Soundproofing solutions of noisy workspaces

Industrial soundproofing

Machinery soundproofing

Soundproofing of industrial ventilation hardware

Soundproofing - Acoustic compliance

Soundproofing - Prevention and action plan


Acoustical insulation - areas of expertise, applications & solutions

Industrial insulation

Insulation of buildings - noise and reverberation control

Insulation of buildings - noise limitation and acoustical comfort

Sound insulation - studies and works


Air, exhaust/combustion gas, steam and all industrial fluids: all silencers (sound attenuators aka mufflers)

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