The soundproofing equipments offered by ITS focus on optimizing performance, which is guaranteed by contract. They come from a (multidisciplinary) rigorous and imaginative development, using proven design methods and advanced sizing tools. Based on a reliable technology, they consist of materials carefully selected for their functional and environmental qualities, are manufactured using industrialized and competitive processes, and where applicable, are installed by a qualified manpower wherever a preservation or an improvement of the situation in terms of acoustics is required.

The soundproofing equipments offered by ITS, built to meet the most demanding quality requirerments and to last, are made for you.

An offer of technologies
and services
for acoustic insulation

technologie service acoustical insulation

Fight against noise, acoustic comfort: ITS offers a wide range of technology solutions suitable for the challenges and the constraints of the main human activities impacting the soundscapes, being therefore possible fields of intervention for ITS in relation to original equipment manufacturers, general contractors, installers or final users.

Engineering (including: on site metrology, sizing calculations) and software publishing, marketing of high value-added components and systems, technical assistance for implementation: ITS offer of technologies and services for acoustic insulation is versatile and covers all needs related to soundproofing projects in industry sector (including: with respect to environmental concerns) and in construction (including: the improvement of acoustic comfort in buildings).

ITS offers powerful solutions at a reasonable cost in response to all the needs in the matter of soundproofing (preventive or curative) by the means of equipment for which the quality of design and of execution meets the highest level of requirement.

Main applications of ITS in relation to noise control, acoustical insulation, soundproofing, noise exposure reduction, acoustic nuisance limitation


A wide range of soundproofing products
and construction systems,
standard or tailor made


The (german) company Faist Anlagenbau GmbH has entrusted to ITS the commercial development of its products and services in France and with some potential customers in neighboring countries: design, construction and installation of machines enclosures, of noise barriers, of acoustic measurement rooms.

Key products: acoustics systems for rotary printing machines or corrugated cardboard rolls production lines, big press lines for automotive industry, acoustic testing rooms, soundproof test rigs and aero-acoustic wind tunnels

Other key products: power systems i.e. enclosures for gas turbines, generators, big compressors; enclosures made of removable panels for big engines, big gensets; noise barrier walls for Heat Recovery Steam Generators; air intake systems for gas turbines, big compressors, big fans

Areas of expertise


The (dutch) company Axces BV has entrusted to ITS the commercial development of its products and services in France: design, construction and installation of components or of systems for exhaust lines of combustion engines for power plants, stacks with or without silencing device.

Key products: exhaust silencers, wet exhaust systems for reciprocating internal combustion engines, Selective Catalytic Reduction systems for reciprocating internal combustion engines, chimneys

* for reciprocating internal combustion engines, including fluvial and marine applications

Areas of expertise


ITS has also an activity of representation for other products and services in France: blow off silencers, diffusers for discharge silencers; in line silencers to be inserted in piping networks under pressure


ITS has also an activity of representation for other products and services in France: acoustic screens, on-site work for reverberation reduction of premises, equipment and soundproofing / soundproofing works other than those mentioned above

Areas of expertise


ITS has also an activity of representation for other products and services in France: design, construction and installation of exhaust silencers for gas turbines, products for power plants (components or systems for gas turbines, components for boilers)


A consulting and trade representation
office specialized in acoustics
based near Lyon (France)


ITS is a consulting and trade representation office specialized in acoustics based near Lyon (France, Rhône Alpes area) whose range is national and can extend to neighboring countries.

Its activity is related to the design, supply and if necessary the installation of soundproofing equipment in the context of prevention or reduction actions of noise nuisances, by the means of a personalized approach of supporting of customers (which does not replace that of project managers, control offices or architects with the contracting authority).

The core business of ITS is including (in addition to on site acoustic measurements if required), as a mean but not as a finality: consulting and engineering activities as acoustical consultant office oriented toward construction technologies (selection of insulation materials and of insulating construction systems, sizing of soundproofing equipment by the means of predictive acoustic software that has mostly been developed by ITS human resource, being based on Research & Development jobs).

ITS provides solutions of fight against noise carefully designed, diverse, optimized with respect to the challenges of each project, with a quality implementation, environment friendly, in accordance with the rules of the Art as performed by specialists in the dependency of which is the application.

Acoustic insulation materials (including: for industrial or tertiary buildings), industrial and environmental soundproofing equipment (including: devices for the reduction of machinery noise and for the reduction of heat, cold or electricity production facilities, road and railway traffic noise limitation devices, products for reducing the reverberation of premises, silencers for all applications ...) and equipment for acoustic testing rooms: all equipment (standard or custom) that one can source through ITS with a guaranty of acoustical performance.

ITS acts to make possible choice soundscapes everywhere: protection of workers against noise, preservation of sound environment, limitation of noise emissions in the energy sector, testing room acoustics, acoustic comfort in buildings. Auditory trauma due to noise exposure (most often: from machinery and from industrial noisy equipment namely at workplace), what is a frequent professional risk,are thus avoided namely by the means of industrial soundproofing equipment such as acoustic enclosures (i.e. soundproofed hoods = housings) of machines, fencings, noise barriers and silencers of all types in production workshops and in other workplaces or by the implementation of cabins protecting people like operators.

The problems associated with insufficiency of sound insulation in constructions of all types (inadequacy of sound attenuation of partitions, acoustic insulation fault, faults generating unwanted transmissions of airborne sound or of impact noise ...) are also treated as well as the propagation of equipment noise inside buildings. The acoustic discomfort associated with reverberation (lack of sound absorption, insufficient spatial sound decrease) of industrial or tertiary premises (among them open spaces offices, sports facilities like swimming pools, ice rinks ..., meeting rooms, polyvalent premises and restaurants), and also other nuisances related to architectural acoustics are also cured as well as the neighborhood trouble related to noise emissions generating a rise above the permissible limit in the environment of industrial sites or near infrastructures of transport by road or rail. As soon as they are built, too noisy equipment (i.e. likely to generate noise pollution) can be equipped with soundproofing materials that can incorporate in case of need related technical features (finishing work). ITS also operates with respect to the realization of premises for which a special acoustic performance is required (soundproofed test benches & test rigs, acoustic measurements rooms - like anechoic rooms, reverberant rooms, aeroacoustic wind tunnels - , listening rooms (for test jury), auditoriums, ... and all types of soundproofed premises).

Whether for constrction projects or refurbishments, products and services offered by ITS are destined for manufacturers (OEM), installers or end users having a project (sometimes subject to constraints legislation or regulations) in relation to sound insulation (in the common language: phonic) for which solutions which guarantee the effectiveness (because tried),compatible with the other issues, sustainable and economically viable are sought.

Briefly: ITS offers to preserve and beautify our hearing environment together.