Building acoustics is the domain of science and techniques related to the study of acoustic vibrations and concerning their production, propagation and effects for applications relating to constructions: this constitues an important part of the activity of ITS offering engineering services and marketing works.

In all contexts, the challenge is the tranquility of the occupants of the considered spaces, resulting from the acoustic quality of the buildings and their fittings. The recourse to a recognized specialist in building acoustics such as ITS should therefore not be neglected, for new construction as for rehabilitation.

098 acoustics in building

Buiding acoustics : the challenge of engineering services and works is tranquility


Engineering and works in building acoustics: ITS different areas of expertise

As appropriate, building acoustics may use different areas of ITS expertise with regard to engineering missions and works:

  • acoustic metrology, when it comes to quantifying the noise emissions of a noise source (machinery, equipment, ...) or the performance of products or construction systems in a laboratory or on site (materials for sound insulation, partitions, silencers ...) or the performance of sets such as premises and buildings (in terms of sound insulation or in terms of reverberation) or when it comes to the characterization of an acoustic situation (e.g. the source of a discomfort) in accordance with applicable standards
  • modeling, when it comes to simulate the performance of products or construction systems (materials for acoustic insulation, walls, silencers ...) or the performance of sets such as premises and buildings (in terms of sound insulation or in terms of reverberation) or the impact of a noise source for a given environment
  • construction technologies (metal, wood, masonry ...) including the selection of products and construction systems (for sound insulation or soundproofing equipment or for reverberation control systems) possibly in the context of the construction / refurbishment of buildings with the management of related features in connection with the building process (mechanical strength, fire performance, thermal insulation, ...) and with the mastering of technical implementation according to applicable regulations, guidelines and rules of the Art

Engineering and works in building acoustics: from diagnosis to the implementation of solutions with ITS

In relation to building acoustics, diagnosis (if necessary based on acoustic measurements) of situations of noise pollution (sound disturbance to neighbors, noise in the workplace, etc ...) or of discomfort in terms of acoustics (poor quality of constructions, occurrence of exceeded noise limits) research and recommendation of solutions in terms of soundproofing or acoustical comfort, supply of sound insulation materials and equipment (standard or custom), acoustic insulation design and works (of current technicity or high tech) turnkey with guaranteed results for a single project (e.g. in relation to the end user of a noisy real estate good or equipment) or for recurring needs (e.g. in relation to builders: support for developing industrialized solutions to fight against noise or for acoustic comfort): possible means of intervention of ITS with respect to all projects in relation to building acoustics (engineering and works) are as varied as the needs.

Engineering and works in building acoustics: for choice soundscapes, everywhere

Our service offering is well in line with our slogan "Choice soundscapes, everywhere". ITS intervenes in building acoustics (engineering, works): soundproofing, insulation, reverberation control, acoustical comfort. Such a field of action is made possible by the level of expertise of its human resources in these different areas, combining a robust initial training in building physics (of course, acoustics having its place there, but thermal insulation, aeraulics, fluid mechanics and construction techniques being also part of the basic knowledge), a diversified experience acquired during the projects on the occasion of which it intervened to (depending on the case) carry out measurements, provide a design office service, provide advice, carry out sizing, select appropriate products and materials, and - in general - contribute to the development of solutions to problems arising during the construction of new premises and buildings, or during their renovation (sometimes: in relation to commercial partners, for a "turnkey offer").

Regarding the acoustic comfort of tertiary buildings in particular ((this is not the only field of intervention for ITS which also knows the challenges of industrial building projects),the main concerns frequently encountered are:

  • insulation of spaces from outside
  • level of impact noise transmitted into the spaces
  • noise level of equipment in the spaces
  • internal acoustic of spaces
  • airborne sound insulation of spaces (reception) with respect to other areas, including namely: activity areas (emission)
  • footsteps noise in spaces
  • optimization of acoustic ambience criteria
  • limitation of hardware noise (ventilation and air conditioning networks, equipment in technical rooms)
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See the frequently asked questions related to this article
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