(Acoustics) Engineering & Software publishing

Among the activities of ITS (realization of technical and commercial services in the field of acoustical insulation), engineering & software publishing tasks occupy a prominent place.

They often consist in making the diagnosis of a situation in terms of acoustics, either because this situation poses a problem, or because it is wished to prevent the occurrence of disorders related to noise or to a lack of performance in terms of soundproofing e.g. in an industrial context, with respect to environmental concerns or in the construction sector.

Sometimes reports of acoustic measurement analyzes (made by ITS, equipped with metrology hardware required for on-site interventions, if not made by a control office), or acoustic calculation notes or sizing notes from soundproofing equipment.

Indeed, the definition of the means of prevention of nuisances and the search for solutions in relation to a situation in term of acoustics makes necessary, in many cases, an in-depth, multidisciplinary study, to correctly appreciate the ins and outs of a context, sometimes complex, based on appropriate indicators, obtained with noise measuring equipment or simulation constantly evolving, with a view to improving versatility and reliability.

In some cases, for its engineering services, ITS uses software that is proven in the field of predictive acoustics (e.g. based on finite elements or ray tracing) ; in other cases, computational (analytical) means have been developed (in a context of Research & Development) by the human resource of ITS for which the publishing of simulation software in acoustics and soundproofing equipment sizing has always been a key activity.

Engaged according to the projects needs, the means of computation of ITS in engineering are constantly improved to take into account the feedback of experiences in relation to various projects in the field of the acoustic insulation.

Like all ITS activities, engineering and software publishing have been assessed to meet the requirements of the standard ISO 9001.

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Among the activities of ITS (realization of technical and commercial services in the field of sound insulation), the activities of representation consist in marketing components and systems for all needs in terms of soundproofing.

Whether it is projects in industrial sector e.g. in relation to the problem of noise at work, or the protection of the environment from noise nuisances or in the building, ITS puts on the market solutions whose acoustic performance is always guaranteed, because having been evaluated on a case-by-case basis according to input data communicated by ITS’ Customer.

The objectives of each project e.g. acoustic performance (but also aerodynamic if it comes to a silencer), technical constraints of all kinds e.g. construction technologies, ergonomics if it concerns equipment in connection with a workstation, space limitation, additional features, installation conditions, removability are of course all taken into account and prioritized in order to allow the definition of the best soundproofing actions (ITS also integrates in the process of sizing acoustic insulation equipment technical specifications of the Client, when they exist).

In the case of projects related to the acoustic comfort of buildings, aspects related to architectural choices e.g. aspect of the materials, colors obviously have all the consideration they deserve.

Pressure vessels (for some silencers), special steel constructions, consideration of mechanical and other constraints due to inclement weather e.g. due to snow and wind, taking into account seismic risks, need of resistance to corrosion in extremely aggressive environments , need to offer related functionalities e.g. filtration, electrical equipment, incombustibility, fire safety, detections of all kinds, automation: industrial acoustics projects have a wide variety of technical requirements to be considered in addition to performance in term of soundproofing.

Integration in the building, performance in terms of reaction to fire, installation methods, colorimetric harmonization, cleanability of surfaces, resistance in a humid environment (e.g. in the case of swimming pools): acoustics projects in buildings involve many considerations which are not at all secondary.

To take into account the great diversity of installation contexts, and the skills needed to build the best equipment with very different know-how, ITS offers a range of acoustic technologies, in connection with the best manufacturers, sometimes having a worldwide reputation.

With the introduction of soundproofing products as varied as the applications for which they are designed, all designed to perform and to last, ITS makes possible to come true its slogan "choice soundscapes, everywhere".

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ITS activities of representation consist in marketing components and systems for all needs in terms of soundproofing.


The activities of ITS (realization of technical and commercial services in the field of acoustic insulation), are those of his human resource for a long time.

Whatever the project in relation to acoustics, soundproofing, or with related services e.g. filtration, dedusting, thermal insulation, treatment of exhaust fumes by means of catalysts, equipment works in buildings, ITS is able to provide a linkage to access to a technology that meets the need, sometimes in relation with business partners whose promotion of products and services is not carried out on the ITS website.

Contact ITS on the occasion of a project related to one of these domains, means reach a vast network of specialized manufacturers and experienced installers, having the means necessary for the establishment of a quotation of supply or work as soon as possible.

ITS is able to provide a linkage to access to a technology in relation to acoustics