The diagnosis of a situation in terms of acoustic by ITS is based on a long experience of confrontation with issues having a wide variety (but occurring with some repetition) in relation to acoustic insulation:

  • noise at work
  • sound pollution in the environment
  • acoustic comfort in buildings

This diagnosis may include examination of manufacturer drawings and data, or analysis of acoustic measurements made by others if they are already available: ITS can take over studies performed by control offices or engineering teams either specialised or not (ITS is not intended to compete with them) and particularly action plans performed by others. If needed ITS can perform (promptly) complementary sound records (possibly with spectral analysis) to quantify the noise emission of an equipment or characterize the performance of a construction.

The diagnosis of a situation in terms of acoustics is generally an opportunity to compare with reference values, which vary according to the context (e.g. realting to regulations, standards, technical specifications), acoustic performance indicators:

  • sound pressure or power level, in dB (e.g. for a machine, a hardware)
  • standardized weighted sound insulation index, against indoor or outdoor airborne noise, in dB (for a construction)
  • reverberation time, in seconds (for a room)
  • spatial sound decay rate, in dB per doubling of distance from a noise generator (for a room)

This acoustic diagnosis can take place, depending on the case:

  • before any works: it is a question of making an inventory, before anything else; there will be no relevance for the next steps (whatever they may be) without the successful completion of what is necessary to identify the existence of a problem and characterize its acuteness (the remedies for the detected disorders can then be dosed just as needed)
  • after work: it is then possible to verify the achievement of assigned objectives, what is the 3rd well-known step of any approach involving quality management (plan, do, check, act)

ITS can perform other statements and investigations on site (site conditions, accessibility, operating constraints, environment ...).

This task may necessitate the performance of acoustic measurements analysis reports (for measurement performed by ITS or not) or of acoustics calculation sheets.

With respect to such missions performed on its own behalf, ITS has taken out an "overall designer" insurance including notably the operation civil liability insurance, the professional civil liability insurance, and the compulsory insurance of decenal liability.

From the diagnosis of a situation in terms of acoustic by ITS it results an exhaustive explanation of the data taken into account, as well as of various related constraints and a performance target in terms of acoustics appropriate to the considered situation for avoiding acoustic nuisance.

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the on site diagnosis
(above: in an industrial context) is often an important step of an approach of fight against noise



ITS makes the diagnosis of a situation in terms of acoustics, then based on a long experience in industry sector and in construction.