Acoustics: miscellaneous

Acoustics and aeraulics - Study/engineering

Acoustic comfort- measurements, study, works

Acoustic compliance

Acoustics of aeraulic networks

Acoustics of noisy workspaces

Architectural acoustics

Building acoustics – engineering and works

Building acoustics – noise limitation and acoustical comfort

Environmental acoustics - studies and works

Fluid networks acoustics

Improving acoustic comfort in premises

Industrial acoustics – engineering and constructions

Reverberation control - measurements, study-engineering, works

Room acoustics - measurements, studies and works

Sound insulation - noise limitation and acoustic comfort

Ventilation systems acoustics

software SILDIS® (CAD)
Acoustics: R&D

Acoustic R&D

Research in acoustics

Research and development ITS (acoustics)

Acoustics: FEM,
BEM, CFD computations

Calculations in acoustics and computational fluid dynamics (FEM, BEM, CFD)


Soundproofing of buildings

Soundproofing for environmental protection

Soundproofing solutions of noisy workspaces

Industrial soundproofing

Machinery soundproofing

Soundproofing - Acoustic compliance

Soundproofing - Prevention and action plan

Soundproofing in the industry

Soundproofing of industrial ventilation hardware


Acoustical insulation - areas of expertise, applications & solutions

Industrial insulation

Insulation of buildings - noise and reverberation control

Insulation of buildings - noise limitation and acoustical comfort

Sound insulation - noise limitation and acoustic comfort

Sound insulation - studies and works


Air, exhaust/combustion gas, steam and all industrial fluids: all silencers (sound attenuators aka mufflers)

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