Noise reduction in a dining room to improve acoustic comfort

ITS will participate in a noise reduction project in a dining room to improve acoustic comfort around Lyon (in the Auvergne Rhône Alpes region, in France).

The works following a complete acoustic diagnosis carried out by ITS (sonometric metrology on site, dimensional measurements, design office work with performance simulation with a computer, and recommendations for soundproofing solutions) will be carried out by a specialized installation team in a nursery: in a space dedicated for being the...

Semi-anechoic room for acoustic measurements: design and realization with ITS

ITS will participate in the design and realization of a semi-anechoic room for acoustic measurements, in the Paris region (France).

This will involve providing engineers and technicians, in a context of R&D tests, an environment allowing indoor reproduction of the acoustic propagation conditions usually encountered outdoors on a reflecting plane, that is to say (except at ground level) with negligible acoustic wave reflections (in a frequency band of interest chosen by users of the...

Control of exposure to industrial noise - ITS markets solutions

ITS markets solutions for the control of exposure to industrial noise:

  • to protect personnel (e.g. employees, outside workers) from hearing risks in connection with their standing or their movement near sound sources constituted by machines or other production means and equipment whose acoustic power can induce sound levels exceeding the limits authorized by the regulations in force e.g. those set by European Directive 2003/10/EC, often transposed into national law i.e. (with regard to the...