Limitation of the noise impact of an industrial facility (FCEP)

In France, a limitation of the noise impact is required for an industrial facility, especially if it comes to a Facility Classified for Environmental Protection (FCEP):

  • to comply with Directive 2003/10/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council, of February 6, 2003, concerning the minimum safety and health requirements relating to the exposure of workers to risks due to physical agents (noise):

Noisy industrial equipment soundproofing

ITS contributed to noisy industrial equipment soundproofing, in the context of the construction, in North Africa, of a gas-fired power plant with a power of 1.2 GigaWatt comprising 4 large-capacity combustion turbines.

This included limiting the noise impact of these turbines and related generators, both for the personnel of the energy production site and for the neighborhood.

In such cases, high acoustic performance is required when the sound power level of some noise sources approaches 140...

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Fight against noise of an industrial facilty

ITS made its contribution to the fight against noise of an industrial facility in the Middle East, in the context of the conversion of a coal-fired thermal power plant to a gas power plant for the production of electricity (with a power of the order of 1.2 GigaWatt for this combined cycle facility with Heat Recovery Steam Generator - HRSG -). For the phase of works covered by this post, it was - with a view to protecting against excessive sound levels site personnel (e.g. working...

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