Acoustics - Soundproofing of teaching and training rooms

ITS will participate in a soundproofing project for teaching and training rooms in Paris (France) to improve their acoustic quality.

It will be a question of alleviating the mediocrity, in terms of sound comfort, of a recent construction, devoid of any acoustic material, i.e. likely to significantly absorb sound, with particularly harmful consequences as regards the use of these teaching and training rooms (in terms of intelligibility of speech which is very poor there, while obviously...

Noise control in the power generation industry - ITS

Noise control in the power generation industry is a necessity:

  • to maintain acceptable working conditions for employees of power plants, by sufficiently limiting their exposure to noise, according to European Directive 2003/10/EC, which considers as indicators:
    • the level of daily exposure to noise L EX, 8h: 80 dB (A) and 85 dB (A) are the thresholds, lower and upper respectively, triggering the action, 87 dB(A) is the limit value
    • the peak sound pressure ρpeak: 112 Pa ie 135 dB(C) and 140...

Soundproofing: silencer (muffler) for purge and for valves

In the field of soundproofing, silencers (mufflers) for purge and for valves are highly technical equipment.

In fact, it is necessary that they meet requirements of different kinds:

  • in terms of acoustics: they must (sufficiently) limit the noise linked to the sudden pressure variation, downstream of a pressurized fluid network, during venting, which (noise) is likely to create disorders for the neighborhood (even distant), and also (a fortiori) for personnel working or traveling nearby...