ITS will participate in the reduction of noise and NOx emissions from industrial generators by means of silencer + SCR catalyst skids

Industrial generators (gensets consisting mainly of a heat engine and an alternator) are widely used for the decentralized production of electrical energy in different contexts, when there is, locally, no alternating current distribution network (on land, including in a cogeneration context or at sea: boats, off-shore platforms) or when it comes to overcoming its possible failure (emergency installations) on sensitive sites of different natures (e.g. hospitals and transport infrastructures...

Limitation of noise in a room welcoming children for extracurricular activities

ITS will participate in noise limitation works in a room welcoming children for extracurricular activities, in the area of Lyon (Auvergne Rhône Alpes region).

Excessive values (compared to the objective values which depend on the volume) of the reverberation time [1] of this room were highlighted by acoustic measurements involving a noise generator and a sound level meter (as well as a qualified human resource), illustrating the insufficient quality of the considered space in terms of...

Noise reduction in an industrial facility

Isolation Technologie Services (ITS) participated in the noise reduction of an industrial facility, in South-East Asia, with a view to bringing it into compliance :

  • with regard to the prevention of risks related to noise in the workplace (i.e. to prevent an alteration in the auditory perception of personnel subjected to excessive noise levels, whether they are site employees or external maintenance technicians) [1]
  • with regard to the protection of the environment (i.e. to avoid disturbing...