Treatment of industrial noise by means of ventilated enclosures and acoustic screens

The treatment of industrial noise by means of ventilated enclosures and acoustic screens is a necessity in different contexts e.g. manufacturing, construction, extraction of raw materials (mines and quarries), supply of water and energy, in particular electricity - not only Establishments Classified for Environmental Protection - (ECEP) -:

  • to guard the environment of an industrial site against the nuisance caused to the neighborhood by excessive noise levels[1]
  • to protect workers against...

Improvement of the sound comfort of a restaurant room: school canteen

Improving the sound comfort of a restaurant room such as a school canteen is often required, when users (children taking their meals) and service personnel complain about poor acoustics, in relation to excessive reverberation, the sounds emitted during conversations, discussions (more or less animated), being reflected on the hard surfaces of the space considered, when it is insufficiently provided with materials capable of absorbing them:

  • noise levels are increased, with everyone raising...

Reduction of industrial noise nuisance

The reduction of industrial noise nuisance is a key step in a project to build, renovate or bring into compliance a facility for the exploitation of natural resources (e.g. materials, energy, food) or the transformation of raw materials.

Indeed, various regulations must be considered to avoid noise nuisance in the industrial sector:

  • to preserve the health of workers with respect to noise exposure[1]
  • to protect the environment against the risk of noise pollution[2]

Otherwise, the...