Prevention of noise-related risks in enterprises e.g. industrial

The prevention of noise-related risks in enterprises, e.g. industrial, is necessary to meet the regulations in force :

  • within the boundaries of the concerned site, to protect working personnel, i.e. by ensuring that the sound limit levels in force are not exceeded. In this area, the European directive 2003/10/CE is not intended to apply in all countries, however, the acoustic indicators considered, which are on the one hand the level of daily exposure to noise [1] and on the other hand the...

Soundproofing works in a public access building (PAB) broadcasting amplified music

ITS will participate in soundproofing work in a public access building (PAB) broadcasting amplified music, to improve acoustic comfort, in the Auvergne Rhône Alpes region (it is said that this is the largest dance hall of the region).

Like concert halls (not only for folk, rock or op music) and other public access buildings (PAB) and premises broadcasting amplified music, a dance hall (in this case: with a volume of nearly 4,500 m3, and welcoming music groups with a sound system) is a space in...

Commercialization of noise protections to improve the acoustic comfort of work premises and public access buildings (PAB)

The implementation of dividers with high performance in terms of acoustics, making it possible to create partitioned spaces (possibly: with different ambiances e.g. different sound environments) is often required in the context of layout projects, when one or more several of the following concepts make sense [1] :

  • discretion: this is the situation obtained when an effort is required to understand the content of an emitted conversation [1]. In these conditions, the conversation is not a...