Whether it is a kindergarten or a primary school, a school canteen is a place where the noise level can commonly reach - or even exceed - 80 dB (A), what causes a major discomfort and a fatigue for the children as well as for the personnel of service and supervision.

In many cases, sound-reflecting hard surfaces constitute the limits of the rooms (floor, walls and partitions, ceiling or sub-roof), and, among the materials commonly used for the construction of such spaces, few are sufficiently absorbent, particularly at medium and high frequencies where the maximum noise emissions are found on the occasion of meals shared by children.

Consequently, amplification of sound levels takes place, in relation to the reverberation of these places, which is often far too important given their destination, the result of which is a hubbub. An action is then required, in terms of sound insulation in buildings.

ITS will participate in the acoustic correction of a school canteen in the vicinity of Nice, France, in the Provence - Alpes - Côte d'Azur region.

The high absorption screens marketed will limit the reverberation time of the canteen (especially between 500 Hz and 2000 Hz) which is regulated (depending on its volume) by a ministerial decree.

Such movable equipment (with or without wheels), possibly with glazed parts, is a practical mean for increasing sound absorbing surfaces in a room elsewhere than at its physical limits, in particular when the latter are to be kept as existing for their decorative appearance e.g. stone walls, frescoes - or when they can not be blocked e.g. windows, skydoms or when they are already covered with materials constituting a second-best.

Of course, such panels possess all the qualities required with regard to the risks of fire. The absorbent lining, which can be chosen among a wide range of colors (there is something for every taste), is characterized by its mechanical strength and ease of maintenance.

With numerous formats available - both width and height - the acoustic panels marketed by ITS are made to permanently reduce noise in school catering facilities (canteens) without installation constraints and at a moderate cost.

It should be noted that the sale high absorption screens is not for ITS the only way to effectively contribute to the acoustic correction of a school canteen; in other contexts, ITS can offer other arrangements:

  • imlementation of absorbent wall coverings
  • installation of suspended acoustic ceilings

The choice of suitable materials (always: with an absorption coefficient close to 100% at medium and high frequencies but also accounting other technical or decorative criteria and fitting methods), quantities and locations constitute in general decisive steps for such projects, in relation to which ITS can also offer (in addition to simulations of the acoustic performance of treatment scenarios) acoustic measurements on site:

  • before work, as part of a diagnosis prior to the search for soundproofing solutions
  • after work, in the context of verifying the performance of the acoustic correction (e.g. in terms of achieving objectives)
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