In an industrial plant, a compressor and turbines are very powerful noise sources potentially causing sound nuisance for personnel of the operator operating in the vicinity as well as for the neighborhood. It is often necessary to use in such cases a soundproofing equipment of high technology to ensure compliance of the installation on the one hand with respect to the legislation on noise at work and on the other hand with respect to the regulation in terms of environmental protection. In fact buildings housing such equipments must have outsized acoustic performance (the overall sound pressure level to be reached is sometimes as ambitious as 75 dBA at 1 meter from noise reduction devices and noise emissions are with very high levels and with a very wide frequency spectrum).

ITS will participate in the construction of soundproofing canopies with high acoustic performance for compressors and turbines (1 cpompressor and 4 turbines) installed in a plant hosting high tech near Marseille (région Provence Alpes Côte d’Azur, county of Bouches du Rhône) in France.

This soundproofing equipment will have a sound reduction particularly important (the overall sound pressure level to be reached is 75 dBA maximum at 1 meter from noise reduction devices, requiring a specific design of the partitions and of the ventilation system which is one of the major features of the noise control equipment that soundproofing canopies for compressors and turbines are.

The optimization of the cost and of the duration of intervention for assembly and disassembly operations are key factors of success of the efficient soundproofing concept considered (soundproofing canopies for compressors and turbines).

The simulation of the sound attenuation of partitions, of the insertion loss (with and without flow noise) and of the total pressure loss of ventilation silencers as well as the simulation of the impact after soundproofing on the one hand in terms of sound power level and on the other hand in terms of sound pressure level at specified positions was performed party using the acoustics simulation software SILDIS®.

Specific materials and construction systems to meet ambitious and varied targets in terms of technical performance will be integrated into the design as required for those soundproofing canopies for compressors and turbines.

Related features such as weather resistance, disassembly of the whole and of subsets, securities, lighting, electrical works ... will be integrated according to the needs.

In addition, the course of this project shows - once again - the possibilities for design and optimization of industrial soundproofing equipment of the software SILDIS®, whose computing power and reliability, as well as whose versatility made of it a choice tool for the selection of products and construction systems for many projects of sound insulation.

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