Commercialization of an anechoic lining for a room dedicated to the testing and verification of electro-acoustic equipment for audio-visual

ITS has marketed an anechoic lining for a room dedicated to the verification and testing of electro-acoustic equipment for audiovisual, in the Paris region (France).

The selection of this anechoic lining was made taking into account various requirements :

  • acoustic performance (a sound absorption coefficient of 100% was sought at frequencies as low as 100 Hz)
  • the limited space available (the thickness of the anechoic lining correspondingly reduces the space available inside the room)
  • the...

Noise reduction of a facility

Noise reduction of a facility is required in various contexts:

  • when the thresholds triggering the action are reached or exceeded in terms of workers exposure to the risks due to this dangerous physical agent that noise is, which then requires the implementation of provisions in terms of safety and health [1]
  • when the imposed sound level at the property boundary is not respected [2] or when the admissible emergence does not comply with regulations [3] in regulated emergence zones (REZ); this...

ITS will participate in the reduction of noise and NOx emissions from industrial generators by means of silencer + SCR catalyst skids

Industrial generators (gensets consisting mainly of a heat engine and an alternator) are widely used for the decentralized production of electrical energy in different contexts, when there is, locally, no alternating current distribution network (on land, including in a cogeneration context or at sea: boats, off-shore platforms) or when it comes to overcoming its possible failure (emergency installations) on sensitive sites of different natures (e.g. hospitals and transport infrastructures...