Commercialization of noise protections to improve the acoustic comfort of work premises and public access buildings (PAB)

The implementation of dividers with high performance in terms of acoustics, making it possible to create partitioned spaces (possibly: with different ambiances e.g. different sound environments) is often required in the context of layout projects, when one or more several of the following concepts make sense [1] :

  • discretion: this is the situation obtained when an effort is required to understand the content of an emitted conversation [1]. In these conditions, the conversation is not a...

Marketing of sound insulation works for machinery soundproofing

The marketing of sound insulation works for machinery soundproofing is a major activity of ITS in different contexts:

  • protection of employees against exposure to noise
  • preservation of the sound environment (e.g. against nuisances due to industrial activity)
  • acoustic comfort in buildings

The sound insulation works marketed by ITS for machinery soundproofing sometimes follows a diagnosis made on site, and are always carried out by considering, on a case-by-case basis, the most suitable...

Marketing of acoustic screens for noise reduction in premises requiring soundproofing

Noise reduction is necessary in many premises, when it is desired, given their function, that they have one or more of the following qualities :

  • a good intelligibility of speech, to make possible in a normal voice [1] (i.e. without sound overbidding - often: counterproductive - which is the result of situations where one cannot hear oneself speaking) conversations between occupants of the the space considered (e.g. in catering rooms: for the guests of the same table)
  • sufficient discretion...