Noise reduction in workplace

Noise reduction in workplace is one of the actions that should be considered in the case of a daily noise exposure level above 85 dB (A) and / or a peak sound pressure level beyond 137 dB (C) pursuant to Decree No. 2006-892 of 19 July 2006 (in France).

However, many machines are, without / before soundproofing, likely to cause such noise levels, which then expose employees to auditory risks: in the case of sufficiently powerful noise sources, impacted workplaces can be located not only nearby...

Noise reduction in a canteen

Whatever our age, a canteen is an essential social living space of our modern world.

As children, we are registered in the canteen of a nursery, a day-care center and then a school ; the soundscape is then resulting from the learning by young guests of communication techniques based on language and on other sound emissions less codified.

As adolescents, we go to the canteen of a high school or of a learning center ; the schoolboyish jokes then cheerfully contribute to the sound...

Marine engine silencers

Among the projects relating to noise limitation, the elimination of the noise emitted by marine engines is quite challenging namely due to space and weight limitation generally imposed for boats, what involves a certain complexity for the selection of industrial soundproofing devices like exhaust silencers for propulsion engines and gensets.

Such noise sources must be mitigated to allow day to day work of staff in conditions being acceptable and to allow the stay of passengers to be...