Soundproofing: silencer (muffler) for purge and for valves

In the field of soundproofing, silencers (mufflers) for purge and for valves are highly technical equipment.

In fact, it is necessary that they meet requirements of different kinds:

  • in terms of acoustics: they must (sufficiently) limit the noise linked to the sudden pressure variation, downstream of a pressurized fluid network, during venting, which (noise) is likely to create disorders for the neighborhood (even distant), and also (a fortiori) for personnel working or traveling nearby...

Soundproofing compressors and boosters

An Air Separation Unit (USA) makes it possible to obtain gaseous products such as oxygen and nitrogen, by means of particularly noisy industrial processes, involving very large capacity turbomachinery.

In such a context, compressors and boosters must be the subject of sufficiently efficient soundproofing works:

  • with regard to the personnel of such industrial sites likely to operate in the environment close to this equipment (e.g. for the monitoring or maintenance of installations) who must...

Marketing of perforated acoustic panels for soundproofing

Perforated acoustic panels for industrial soundproofing allow the creation of machine enclosures with different functionalities (depending on the needs of each project):

  • noise emissions control: on the one hand by limiting the amplification of sound levels inside the space thus delimited (which, all other things being equal, limits the noise outside as much) - the perforated face of the panels, which is generally a metal sheet located inside i.e. on the side where the noise comes from allows...