Decompression silencer

A decompression silencer is necessary to limit the noise of the thermodynamic process of venting a gas, or more generally: a pressurized fluid.

It is therefore a hardware quite often used in the energy sector, when it comes to preserving the sound environment.

On the one hand, it is a question of protecting personnel, i.e. limiting their exposure to noise levels liable to cause significant hearing problems, sometimes irreversible (recognition of deafness as an occupational disease is only a...

Soundproofing of a cogeneration unit

ITS participated in the soundproofing of a cogeneration unit at a petrochemical site located in North America.

It was a unit producing electricity and steam (used for industrial processes), built in a refinery, and giving pride of place to very noisy machines and equipment including a combustion turbine (of power greater than 40 MW) and an alternator, both of which were the subject of soundproofing work.

Cogeneration unit site constraints were distinguished by the need to respect noise levels...

Improved restaurant acoustics for noise limitation

Improving the acoustics of a restaurant for noise limitation is often a necessity in view of the disadvantages that (if not) presents the situation resulting from the absence of particular precautions regarding sound comfort.

This did not escape the fine observer of everyday life in Western Europe in the 20th century (but how different is the beginning of the 21th from this point of view?) that Georges Simenon was, who so well transcribed in his many novels.

"The rumor that filled the grill...