Marketing of perforated acoustic panels for soundproofing

Perforated acoustic panels for industrial soundproofing allow the creation of machine enclosures with different functionalities (depending on the needs of each project):

  • noise emissions control: on the one hand by limiting the amplification of sound levels inside the space thus delimited (which, all other things being equal, limits the noise outside as much) - the perforated face of the panels, which is generally a metal sheet located inside i.e. on the side where the noise comes from allows...

Soundproofing - Improving acoustics in a swimming pool (aquatic center)

That acoustics is always insufficiently taken into account in a swimming pool (or in an aquatic center), due to the lack of appropriate soundproofing, and that such a place is ipso facto (too) poorly endowed with the equipment allowing to obtain the sound comfort required for such a place is a fairly widespread opinion.

Thus, the famous author of spy novels John Le Carré wrote [1] in his bestseller “Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy”, about a shout of fury, that it “echoed many times like a shout...

Exhaust vent silencer

Intended to limit noise emissions from industrial facilities e.g. in energy sector, an exhaust vent silencer is a highly technical hardware marketed by ITS.

It must meet technical specifications of different kinds:

  • in terms of acoustics, since it is a question of obtaining a sound pressure level below a certain limit, in specified locations (e.g. at a short distance to protect site employees and/or at longer distance to ensure the tranquility of the neighborhood)
  • in terms of fluid...