Soundproofing is an integral component of the quality of an industrial installation and its compliance with applicable regulations, which - among other things - regulate noise emissions, often distinguishing the daytime period and the nighttime period, when it comes to preserving the environment.

To prevent noise nuisance with respect to the neighborhood, acceptable values ​​for emergence are set, in particular for Establishments Classified for Environmental Protection. (ECEP). This is the...


In many public-access buildings (PAB), dividers are an effective way to improve acoustic comfort and reduce noise, which is distinguished by its ease of implementation, when compared to other means in the field of sound insulation in buildings.

There is no need to worry about the supports, the installation method, the fitting conditions including the means for lifting, scaffolding and the co-activity constraints - all of which are the responsibility of a specialized fitting team when it comes...

Turbomachinery soundproofing

Processes related to aluminum processing (e.g. the melting activity or the electrolysis methods for this material) require a lot of energy: a power plant based on the use of turbomachinery can constitute a solution to allow a self-sufficiency with very high levels of operational flexibility (and with very high efficiency).

But then care must be taken to provide appropriate industrial soundproofing means, on the one hand to allow acceptable working conditions for personnel ensuring the...