Exhaust vent silencer

Intended to limit noise emissions from industrial facilities, an exhaust vent silencer is a highly technical hardware marketed by ITS.

It must meet technical specifications of all kinds:

  • in terms of acoustics, since it is a question of obtaining a sound pressure level below a certain limit, in specified locations (e.g. at a short distance to protect site employees and/or at longer distance to ensure the tranquility of the neighborhood)
  • in terms of fluid mechanics, since the upstream...

Noise prevention in a school restaurant room (canteen)

The prevention of noise in a school restaurant room (canteen) is a major imperative for a space whose purpose is not only, during a meal, to allow schoolchildren to nourish, but also to offer them an ambiance conducive to the necessary relaxation between learning sessions (which sometimes put them through the mill) and to desirable communications between classmates (which can then take place without being considered, as they would be in the classroom, as unwanted gossip).

This is why...

Acoustic improvement of a daycare center (to limit noise)

As other establishments hosting (regularly or occasionally) children under 6 (e.g. crèches, kindergartens), a daycare center is a place for which it is often necessary to consider a posteriori anacoustic improvement (to limit noise).

Indeed, in France, there is currently (i.e. at the start of 2020) no regulatory text setting the minimum acoustical characteristics of such buildings.

Because of this (it's sad, but it is so: there is a cause and effect link), it is not uncommon for a daycare...