Silencers - Modeling the acoustic behavior of curved absorbers

Curved absorbers occupy a place of choice among the soundproofing components since they constitute the lining of the cylindrical dissipative silencers, often used in the context of industrial sound insulation projects (e.g. for fan discharge, downstream of the diffusers of vent silencers for pressurized gas, downstream of reactive mufflers for thermal engine exhaust lines) and for noise reduction of air-conditioning installations in buildings (e.g. with spiral metal ducting networks).


Transportable anechoic room ITS

A transportable anechoic room is a mean for acoustic testing used for Research and Development (R & D), marketed by ITS.

Whether it is to quantify the sound emissions of a machine or of an equipment, or to develop and qualify the acoustic performance of electroacoustic or telecommunication equipment, an anechoic room allows the conduct of measurements in conditions close to the free field i.e. by avoiding unwanted sound reflections on the partitions  and with a low background noise...

Noise diminution

Noise diminution is a necessity in the context of many industrial projects involving very powerful machines whose operation is accompanied by very large noise emissions, likely to cause an auditory risk for workers.

Even though Directive 2003/10 / EC – that the Decree No. 2006-892 of 19 July 2006 on the safety and health requirements applicable in the event of exposure of workers to the risks arising from noise and amending the Labor Code is a transposition into French law, which specifies...