Improved restaurant acoustics for noise limitation

Improving the acoustics of a restaurant for noise limitation is often a necessity in view of the disadvantages that (if not) presents the situation resulting from the absence of particular precautions regarding sound comfort.

This did not escape the fine observer of everyday life in Western Europe in the 20th century (but how different is the beginning of the 21th from this point of view?) that Georges Simenon was, who so well transcribed in his many novels.

"The rumor that filled the grill...

Acoustic louvres for soundproofing

Acoustic louvres for soundproofing are appropriate when it comes (often: with little space available) to allow air renewal of a confined space (e.g. because of the presence of a noise barrier, a canopy or a sound enclosure) or even the air intake or the discharge of a ventilation network (or of an industrial process), while limiting noise propagation through the opening required in a such context.

There are therefore many situations for which acoustical louvres for soundproofing can usefully...

Silencers - new sizing possibilities for acoustics and aeraulics : ITS is looking for an industrial & commercial partner

Recent improvements to Module 1 of the software SILDIS (reported here and there) - on methods to solve with Excel the transcendental equations in relation to sound propagation in soundproofing devices for fluids (on the one hand in the channels for fluid flow that airways are, and on the other hand in the multi-layered absorbent fillings) - potentially open up new horizons for the simulation of acoustic and aeraulic silencer performance with the software SILDIS, thus with the advantages...