When one is looking to develop a psychoacoustics laboratory, ITS offers a wide range of soundproof listening rooms for many applications of soundproofing / acoustic insulation related to the existence of test juries, namely for automotive industry, for the conduction of psychoacoustics studies.

ITS offers powerful solutions at a reasonable cost in response to all needs in the matter of acoustic measurement rooms (construction or retrofit) by the means of equipment whose quality of design and of execution meets the highest requirement level in this area in the context of R & D for acoustic comfort.

The soundproof listening rooms offered by ITSallow to obtain optimum acoustic field conditions.

They can allways be disinstalled for a reinstallation in a different place.

They are usually made of modular elements whith a geometry defined for each project, covered by a cloth (eventually: with a painted metallic perforated protection) with an insulation (filling) made of mineral fiber or of foam or of polyester fiber (walls, roof and if applicable: floor) that equip also (by the means of mobile sets) the places of acoustic doors allowing to access to the measurement room and the places of acoustic windows allowing the visibility from a control room.Some of those elements may have a sound absorption coefficient for normal incidence αo close from 100 % from 50 Hz (higher performance related to a lower cut off frequency can be obtained by the means of special constructions).

Regarding products and construction systems proposed by ITS their performance is measured in laboratory according to current standards:

  • their sound absorption coefficient according to the standards NF EN ISO 354 Acoustics - Measurement of sound absorption in a reverberation room and NF EN ISO 11654 Sound absorbers for use in buildings - Rating of sound absorption
  • their sound absorption coefficient for normal incidence according to the standard NF EN ISO 10534-1 Acoustics - Determination of sound absorption coefficient and impedance in impedance tubes -- Part 1: Method using standing wave ratio

Thesoundproof listening rooms proposed by ITS can be delivered as a kit ready to assemble with assembly instructions or be installed turnkey.

A guarantee of acoustic performance on site is issued for each installation of soundproof listening rooms.

reverberation optimization in
a soundproof listening room for test jury
(automotive industry)


All the features required for soundproof listening room for test juryhabitability can be integrated (heating, air conditioning, lighting, electricity, interior design...)

The absorbing treatment for soundproof listening rooms offered by ITS are a choice acoustic lining as soon as it comes to evaluate (in a laboratory) the noise emissions of noisy equiment or to develop equipments sufficiently silenced or having a particular sound design, that make use of specific testing rooms as for the automotive sector.

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Absorbing lining for acoustic measurement rooms
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See the frequently asked questions related to this equipment
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Listening room: all equipment that one can source thanks to Isolation Technologie Services (ITS).

Note: ITS also offers acoustical insulators and soundproofing products (materials and construction systems) for listening rooms (building envelope).

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Metallic acoustic door set
Metallic acoustic insulation panel without any absorbing face
Metallic acoustic window set
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ITS offers listening rooms (for test jury) for works related to soundscapes in automotive industry.