ITS offers a wide choice of polyester wools for all applications related to soundproofing / sound insulation: protection of workers against noise, preservation of the noise environment, limitation of noise emissions in the energy sector , acoustics of test rooms, acoustic comfort in buildings:

  • when looking for sound reduction / sound insulation i.e. reduction of sound transmission through a wall
    • for a machine enclosure (soundproofing hood) or a noise barrier in the industrial sector, e.g. based on modular metallic sound insulation panels
    • for a partition or a wall e.g. based on plasterboard
  • when looking for a sound absorption i.e. limitation of the reflection of sound waves, at the origin of the reverberation phenomenon
    • for wall covering (e.g. in the form of plates with perforated protection, metal or based on wooden plates)
    • for ceiling tiles or other suspended sound-absorbing elements

Depending on the project, polyester wools thus occupy a prominent place for obtaining acoustic quality in spaces as different as a school canteen (to limit ambient noise) or an anechoic room (to obtain, indoors, free acoustic field conditions - usually encountered outdoors - which are required for metrologies of a high level of technicality).

Indeed, polyester wools have interesting properties in terms of airflow resistance, with the possibility of varying the density to adapt it to different specifications in relation to the desired acoustic performance in different contexts.

Besides, the (large) diameter of the fibers gives them characteristics that are often appreciated in terms of mechanical resistance and the absence of risk of defibration (which dispenses them from an anti-erosion surfacing, even as muffler lining - then in contact with an air flow -).

Furthermore, their low thermal conductivity is a supplementary advantage for some applications (e.g. insulation in the railway sector), constituting a (thermo-acoustic) lining often implemented for vertical walls, roofs, but also floors of metal constructions in this area (by selecting an appropriate density, the fire behavior is not prohibitive, neither in terms of flammability, nor in terms of harmfulness of the combustion fumes).

Polyester wool for soundproofing thus constitutes a material with many technical qualities, and therefore with multiple uses, in a wide variety of contexts.

ITS offers polyester wools for soundproofing, insulation, correction and acoustic comfort, against noise, sound emissions, being able to simulate performance (e.g. in terms of insertion loss when it comes to a silencer, in terms of sound absorption coefficient, in terms of sound reduction index when it comes to a wall) with calculation tools developed in-house [1] [2], for sizing optimization.

When one is looking to improve the sound attenuation / sound insulation performance of an existing enclosure (acoustic hood) or of an existing wall, ITS offers a wide range of polyester wools for all applications related to acoustic insulation / soundproofing related to the protection of workers against noise, preservation of acoustic environment, limitation of noise emissions in the energy sector, testing rooms acoustics.

[1] cf. Prediction of acoustic and aeraulic (aerodynamic) performance of silencers - software SILDIS® Module 1 / 1+ / 1A

[2] cf. Prediction of acoustic performance of plane partitions and walls - software SILDIS® Module 2 / 2+

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