When one is looking to reduce the reverberation of a room by the means of the implementation of absorbent materials, ITS offers a wide range of acoustic wall linings for tertiary premises for workplaces for many applications related to acoustic insulation / soundproofing related to the protection of workers against noise.

Range of applications

  • limitation of the amplification of noise levels due to the reverberation of tertiary premises like restaurants, sports facilities...


  • excellent technical characteristics and robustness
  • ease of implementation (vertical or horizontal using, easy assembly/disassembly)
  • high adaptability of acoustic performance


  • single shell metal panel, modular, ensuring an easy disassembly and reassembly (perfect mechanical strength over time)
  • thickness, filling, finishes tailored to the desired performance
  • powder coated steel siding, many colors as standard (other colors, or aluminum or stainless steel siding: on request)
  • filling: rock wool or polyester (possibility of intermediate galvanized steel sheet)

acoustic wall lining

acoustic wall lining



  • each module comes in the form of a freestanding box

Standard constitution :

  • a filling made of high density rock wool
  • a perforated steel sheet, thickness according to performance requirements, with powder coating (other finishes available on request). Possibility of a filling including an intermediate galvanized steel sheet
  • width of the modules: 1000 mm


  • for typical applications, the absorbing lining for walls of tertiary premises are protected by a multilayer coating system in accordance with ISO 12 944 C2, with high durability (above 15 years).
  • for more demanding applications, the absorbing lining for walls of tertiary premises are protected by a multilayer coating system in accordance with ISO 12944 C4 or even C5 with high durability (above 15 years).

Weather resistance 

  • indoor or outdoor use in normal environments (other finish for different uses: on request)
  • options: composition for special applications (high pressure washing, chemical, pharmaceutical, ...)

Fire behavior (reaction to fire of ingredients according to standard NF F16-101)

  • siding: galvanized finish: rating M0 ; powdercoating finish: rating M1
  • filling: rock wool: rating M0 ; polyester: rating M1


  • in case of a filling made of rock wool, a glass cloth prevents grinding
  • in case of a filling made of polyester, no surface treatment is necessary, the filling being not subject to grinding (due to a surface microfusion) and being not in a position of releasing biopersistent material
  • whatever the filling is, the absorbing lining for walls of tertiary premises contain no element favorable to microbial growth

Thermal performance 

  • thermal conductivity of rock wool filling (RW): 0.035 W / m / K
  • thermal conductivity of polyester filling (PO): 0.0365 W / m / K
  • thermal resistance R of the filling of thickness E


filling RW
(m2 . K / W)

filling PO
(m2 . K / W)










Acoustic performance 

  • sound absorption coefficient according to the standards NF EN ISO 354 Acoustics - Measurement of sound absorption in a reverberation room and NF EN ISO 11654 Sound absorbers for use in buildings - Rating of sound absorption 


filling RW or PO

filling RW or PO





0.90 (L)



0.90 (L)


Note: a higher performance can be obtained by the means of special constructions


  • on the occasion of the implementation of soundproofing equipment for tertiary premises

Associated products and services (on request) 

  • acoustic lining for walls without metallic protection

absorbing wall lining (school restaurant)

absorbing wall lining (school restaurant)

  • structures/frames, acoustic doors, acoustic windows, corner panels, ventilation silencers, finishing equipment, delivery as a kit with assembly instructions (national and international). Complete study. On-site installation (national and international)

ITS offers acoustic wall lining for tertiary premises for acoustical comfort, soundproofing, noise limitation.

These lining has not only a functional use, but also a decorative function: its color can be chosen from a color chart allowing to match anyone's preference.

111 acoustic material color chart

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Absorbing lining for walls of tertiary premises, absorbing panel for walls of tertiary premises, acoustic lining for walls of tertiary premises: all equipment that one can source thanks to Isolation Technologie Services (ITS).