ITS offers acoustic testing rooms: anechoic chambers, aeroacoustic wind tunnel for research and development (R&D).

In relation to various issues (having to do with on the one hand sound-insulation, and on the other hand obtaining, in an enclosed space, free acoustic field conditions usually observable outdoors) , ITS markets the solutions offered by the company Faist, a major player in the world market, in terms of anechoic rooms and soundproofing devices (sound-absorbing lining, silencer attenuating the noise of fans) for wind tunnels with an acoustic experiment room.

Aeroacoustic wind tunnels and acoustic measurement rooms - text of the brochure of Faist (whose representative in France is ITS) -

Leading in Acoustic Test Chambers

Our core competence in this particular area is acoustic measurement rooms for the automotive industry according to ISO 3745. From the largest anechoic chambers for pass-by testing to engine, powertrain, gearbox, etc., to component test stands, trust FAIST to provide a complete acoustic system that will be the leader in acoustic test chambers according to international standards. Countless third party acceptance tests have proven the performance of our measurement rooms. The scope is completed by hybrid solutions (climatics meets acoustics) and acoustic laboratories with defined reverberation time for personal sound evaluation.

BCA – Lean and Efficient

Our acoustic measurement rooms are equipped with firmly established broadband compact absorbers (BCA) or asymmetric structured absorbers (ASA). The technique of these reactive absorbers was developed in cooperation with the Fraunhofer Institute for Building Physics (IBP). Due to this close cooperation, all our applications are based on a scientific background.

Our applications provide the full performance as required by ISO 3745. The advantages, in comparison to the old wedge design, are to save space and money, both in room size, initial costs and installation time. BCA panels provide a durable wall surface, which is very easy to maintain. All materials used are safe and environmentally friendly.

The Most Silent Wind Tunnels in the World

Latest state of the art in the field of wind tunnel projects is aero-acoustic wind tunnels. For this application we also use our established absorber technology. FAIST has been the provider of aero-acoustic wind tunnel noise control systems for Audi Ingolstadt, PSA Paris, Daimler-Chrysler Auburn Hills, the refurbishment of the DLR AAWT Braunschweig, as well as the first aero-acoustic wind tunnel in China at TongJi University Shanghai.

Two other full-scale wind tunnels in Germany (BMW) and Japan are just about to be completed. The scope of FAIST for wind tunnel projects are absorbing cladding for the plenum, cross-leg and diffuser lining, cladding for nozzle and collector as well as acoustically treated turning vanes. This, together with a carefully chosen fan silencer package, as well as the treatment of the entire airline, is the basis to provide you the most silent wind tunnels in the world.

Other application fields

  • Telecommunication
  • Measurement rooms for home appliances according to ISO 3745 in combination with ISO 3744
  • Special reverberation rooms according to ISO 3743-2

See the brochure of FAIST (ITS is practicing the brokerage for the supply / installation of soundproofing equipement)