The marketing of sound insulation works for machinery soundproofing is a major activity of ITS in different contexts:

  • protection of employees against exposure to noise
  • preservation of the sound environment (e.g. against nuisances due to industrial activity)
  • acoustic comfort in buildings

The sound insulation works marketed by ITS for machinery soundproofing sometimes follows a diagnosis made on site, and are always carried out by considering, on a case-by-case basis, the most suitable solution to the problem which is posed:

  • with regard to the acoustic performance
  • with regard to technical considerations of all kinds (variable depending on the case), but also : financial and organizational

This requires in-depth studies in various fields including often - in addition to acoustics - structural and fluid mechanics, aeraulics, thermal insulation, electricity ; the extensive experience in this field of ITS and its business partners's human resources are the basis for the commitment to results made, with respect to the implementation of reliable and sustainable technical solutions.

In this regard, the reduction of noise at the source (by means of enclosures, hoods, even soundproofed buildings) constitutes, when possible, privileged means of preventing nuisances due to excessive noise levels, otherwise it is necessary to try to limit the propagation of the noise in specified places, by means of acoustic screens or noise barriers, for which ITS and its business partners also have the appropriate know-how.

ITS carried out the commercialization of sound insulation works for machinery soundproofing in a gas power station (with a power of around 1400 MW) in combined cycle, involving 2 combustion turbines (located in Southeast Asia).

The objective was to reduce the sound impact of different sub-assemblies of this complex installation, including numerous and varied noise sources, some with an acoustic power level exceeding 135 dB (A) what is close to the noise of a jet engine on takeoff ; it is never - even with long experience in this field - a mere formality in the context of a construction of such a scale.

The sound insulation works for machinery soundproofing has mainly focused on the realization of metal constructions enveloping large components, and intended to limit the propagation of noise, at short and longer distances.

The design and manufacture of assemblies resembling buildings (some: nearly 10 m in height) with a substantial metal frame and partitions (walls and roof) with reinforced sound insulation - with on the one hand a sufficiently high sound reduction index and with on the other hand an assembly system sufficiently efficient in terms of tightness to allow obtaining a sound pressure level as low as 80 dB (A) at 1 m - thus constituted the main challenge to be met , taking into account the seismic and climatic constraints of a particularly exposed site.

An ambitious time schedule that could not accommodate any delay (due to the boat not waiting) helped make this project a good example of what can be marketed by ITS in terms of sound insulation works for machinery soundproofing

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