A single-facer corrugator is a machine allowing the production of single-sided corrugated cardboard from a web of paper which is formed between two cannulated cylinders, which are heated with saturated steam, and from glue, applied by the means of a cylinder in rotation.

This process is accompanied by significant noise emissions, likely to induce the exposure of workers to the risks due to noise, which is regulated by the Decree n ° 2006-892 of July 19, 2006 relative to the prescriptions of safety and health and amending the Labor Code, which transposes into French law Directive 2003/10/EC.

Thus, are stipulated: exposure limit values - that is, a daily noise level of 87 dB (A) or a peak sound pressure level of 140 dB (C) - and the exposure values that trigger the prevention action - that is, a daily noise exposure level of respectively 80 dB (A) and 85 dB (A) or a peak sound pressure level of 135 dB (C) and 137 dB (C) respectively the nature and reach of the action-.

In order for this regulatory provision, to which all employers in France are subject, to be respected, it is necessary to implement means of limiting noise emissions from single-facer corrugators.

ITS will take part in the reduction of the exposure to noise emitted by a single-facer corrugator (corrugated cardboard industry) in the area of Grenoble (Isère department, Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region, France).

It will come to the construction of an enclosure, whose acoustic performance will not be the only expected feature.

Access management for operation and maintenance (doors, removable panels, glazed partitions for visibility), including machine safety issues (sensing sensors) as studied prior to the project will be a critical aspect of the success of the realization.

In addition, a sufficiently high-performing ventilation system to dissipate the heat output from the various components inside the enclosure will be an essential part of the project, since it will condition the quality of the corrugated cardboard production.

The (turnkey) installation on an industrial site where the production is done according to a system of work schedules organization in 3x8 shiftwork will require the elaboration of a rigorous and optimized planning to minimize the downtimes of the machine.

With its experience and that of its partners for such a realization, ITS will contribute to the feasibility and to the success of this industrial soundproofing project allowing the reduction of the exposure to noise in the corrugated cardboard sector.

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