Reducing noise emissions from noisy building site machineries is a recurring problem, since noise related to works e.g. drilling and earthworks (including in particular the use of excavators, hydraulic shovels, post drivers or other machines) can harm the tranquility of local residents over sometimes very long time intervals.

Complaints due to neighborhood annoyance are then not uncommon, often illustrating very real inconveniences that must be taken into consideration by civil engineering contractors.

In such a context, the implementation of acoustic screens then constitutes a means of preventing noise pollution or of remedying it, by delimiting the area where numerous sources of noise are installed, but their effectiveness is, in practice, sometimes limited, e.g. when homes or offices are both very close to the site footprint, and located in high-rise buildings (which is not uncommon, especially in the city centers).

In this case, actions to reduce noise “at the source” must be considered.

ITS has participated in reducing the sound emissions of a noisy building site machinery, by marketing an exhaust silencer whose installation has been planned downstream of an existing noise attenuator, which constitutes a convenient means of by-passing the (fairly generalized) lack of knowledge of the acoustic performance of existing equipment.

The objective was to reduce the emergence of low-frequency noise associated with the operation of a drilling machine, in the context of a site located in the lower part of the center of a particularly steep principality capital.

The scope of supply included all the accessories necessary for the installation of the device for reducing the noise emissions of this noisy building site machinery i.e. supporting structure with anti-vibration mounts, upstream connection piping (with fixings by flanges), downstream (removable) elbow with anti- rain cap, thus constituting a sub-assembly completing the existing exhaust system.

The construction, in stainless steel for better durability (in a context of exposure to bad weather), was carried out in record time (a few days), from items kept in stock, allowing ultra-fast delivery.

Flexibility and celerity are not the least qualities of the versatile team that constitutes ITS and its business partners, in terms of reducing the noise emissions of a noisy building site machinery, as with all other issues in connection with the fight against noise in industry, construction sector and environment.

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