Among the projects relating to noise limitation, the elimination of the noise emitted by marine engines is quite challenging namely due to space and weight limitation generally imposed for boats, what involves a certain complexity for the selection of industrial soundproofing devices like exhaust silencers for propulsion engines and gensets.

Such noise sources must be mitigated to allow day to day work of staff in conditions being acceptable and to allow the stay of passengers to be sufficiently comfortable, not only in cabins but also on boat decks when it come to leisure vessels.

Of course, a special attention one should pay to design and construction quality to allow marine engines silencers to withstand loads related to mechanical sollicitations of all kind to be accounted: the movements of the ship (e.g. related accelerations) on the seas or on oceans, due to the combined effects of waves and wind, the effect of extremely low temperatures when it comes to vessels cruising near poles, and also the effect of salty (and therefore : corrosives) ambiances anywhere.

In addition, a marine engine silencer must often be equipped with a spark arrestor, for reasons of safety related to the risk of fire.

In addition to engines for propulsion, other generators are also present on a boat to cover other electrical energy needs. They are also noisy by nature: they must therefore also be equipped with exhaust silencers.

ITS will participate in the construction of marine engine exhaust silencers for gensets installed on a boat (3 units) aiming a carrying tourists to visit artic areas.

Obviously, the quietness of such locations should not be polluted by the noise emissions of any engine, to keep soundscapes of choice, so rare nowadays.

When it comes to control of noise emissions, performing exhaust silencers for marine engines (with or without spark arrestor) can be sourced thanks to ITS, as well as any other exhaust line component: from each engine outlet flange towards rain caps on the top of boat chimney. Standard or tailor-made noise-reducing hardware can be designed and manufactured with the care required to satisfy the technical objectives (in terms of acoustics of course, but not only) in relation to silencers for marine engines, in all contexts.

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