In a workshop related to metal processing, a production line constitutes a source of noise which, if one neglects its soundproofing, places in a situation of auditory trauma a number of workers much greater than that corresponding only to the operators directly dedicated to the conduction of the line in question.

Indeed, for a machines such as a press or a lath (a fortiori: if combined e.g. for metal machining works), noise emissions can be so high that they are likely to impact very large areas of the work premises where they are implanted, causing exposure to noise at levels above the limit triggering action - in France: daily exposure level to noise above 80 dB (A) and / or peak sound pressure level beyond 135 dB (C) -.

In order to combat such noise pollution, a highly technical enclosure must be considered, offering both optimized performance in terms of sound insulation and multiple features required for such an industrial soundproofing hardware (e.g. physical protection against moving parts, collection of dust emitted during machining, evacuation of the calorific power dissipated by the various organs), not to mention the consideration of constraints related to driving (e.g. various openings, windows and portholes), access (with safety constraints requiring the use of sensors to prevent accidents at work) and maintenance (e.g. doors, removable panels, hatches).

ITS will participate in the soundproofing of a production line combining a press and a lathe near Vienne in the department of Isère in the Rhône-Alpes region (France).

The fact that this is a production line not yet installed necessitates a mechanical design work based on drawings involving a 3-dimensional modeling (3D model) of the machines, of their auxiliaries and of the enclosure: the zones of implementation of the walls and of the roof making the soundproofing equipment, as well as components of the ventilation system (inlet: filter and silencer, exhaust: silencer and fan) must be carefully studied to take into account a limitation of the space (sufficiently) free for new equipment and to take into account the risks of physical interferences (clashes).

There is no doubt that the extensive experience of ITS and of its partners in the design, construction and on-site installation of such soundproofing equipment for a production line in a complex industrial environment will allow this project to be a success both in terms of the results obtained with regard to all the expected functionalities (of an enclosure that must otherwise be built to last) and with regard to the ways in which they have been obtained, particularly through an optimized design and through a rigorous and efficient project management.

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