The construction of industrial soundproofing devices is an activity that is for ITS one of the reasons for being.

Many projects to which ITS contributes are relating to power plants, particularly when it comes to gas-fired plants with combustion turbines.

Indeed, such turbomachines emit a lot of noise, on the one hand with regard to the processes directly related to the aerodynamic network: at air intake, at exhaust, and on the other hand for the organs and components of the installation: turbine itself (compressor, combustion chamber), auxiliaries, load, gas module, generator whose envelopes (including those of ducts and pipes of all kinds) are at the origin of very powerful sound emissions.

The construction of industrial soundproofing devices is then a necessity on the one hand with respect to the problem (ubiquitous on such sites) of limiting the exposure to noise of personnel assigned to the supervision and upkeep works and on the other hand with respect to the concern (in relation to regulatory constraints) not to cause discomfort for the neighborhood (even if not in the immediate vicinity).

This is often the responsibility of the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) or of the Engineering Procurement Construction contractor.

ITS will participate in the construction of industrial soundproofing devices for a thermal power plant with a large-capacity combustion turbine (nearly 400 MW) intended for the production of electrical energy at a site located in Eastern Europe.

This will include the design and construction of buildings whose envelope must be sufficiently efficient in terms of sound insulation, with soundproof ventilation systems, and offering other features in relation to the many and varied technical constraints of such an installation (e.g. need to control several environment parameters and different accesses, consideration of the risk of explosion).

The development of cost-optimized technical solutions, with the possibility of rapid implementation by a local, non-specialized workforce, and with a high degree of disassembly for maintenance operations, will be challenges to be taken up in the context of this project for the construction of industrial soundproofing devices, which is expected to be robust over time.

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