In a corrugated cardboard production plant, a single-facer corrugator is a source of noise for workers such as line drivers and other operators and technicians involved in various sub-assemblies (e.g. reel stand & splicer, bridge, preheater, gluer, cutter, slitter scorer), in particular for monitoring the manufacturing process and for maintenance.

If they are in the same workshop, they are often exposed to noise levels above the limit triggering the action i.e. 80 dB (A), in France, within the meaning of Decree No. 2006-892 of July 2006 the 19th on safety and health requirements for workers exposed to noise hazards and amending the Labor Code which transposes Directive 2003/10/CE into French law.

In some cases, a single-facer corrugator may also cause a noise pollution to the neighborhood, a fortiori if the envelope of the building inside which the production unit is installed does not sufficiently limit the transmission of noise towards outside, either if doors are (often) opened to allow material to be transported, or if the walls or roof have an inappropriate sound attenuation index.

In order to prevent such disorders, an enclosure must be envisaged for the machine, which must combine a very good acoustic performance with related functionalities, linked in particular to the visibility of the organs from the outside, to the accessibility (including in terms of removability for repairs), and to the ventilation (to evacuate the calorific power which is very important in the manufacture of corrugated cardboard from reels of paper).

The robustness of the soundproofing equipment is also a criterion of choice, since conditioning the longevity of the protection against noise in a difficult industrial environment.

For the design of the enclosure, but also for its construction, the consideration of the site is often a major challenge when it is necessary to accommodate the presence of numerous networks of fluids, structural elements of the building e.g. in the upper part of the enclosure.

ITS will take part in an industrial acoustic insulation project in a plant manfuctaring corrugated cardboard near Strasbourg (France, Alsace-Champagne-Ardenne-Lorraine region which is now called "Grand East"): it will come to the encapsulation of a single-face corrugator, in a complex environment given the age of the premises and the existing servitudes, all obstacles to a simple geometry construction.

ITS cooperation with a commercial partner for the construction and supervision of the installation with many references in this field will make possible a harmonious project management, and, in-fine, the obtaining of an industrial soundproofing equipment keeping all its promises (among which: that of an installation in record time) in the context of this project of industrial acoustic insulation.

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