In industry, lasers are commonly used for the processing of many materials such as cutting, welding and surface treatment in varied industries like automotive construction.

In many production facilities, they are a potential source of nuisance for personnel working nearby. It is often necessary to use in such cases a high-tech enclosure (sometimes called: laser cabin) to ensure compliance of the facility with respect to the standard NF EN 60825-4 - Safety of laser products - Part 4: laser guards.

ITS will participate in the construction of three enclosures (sometimes called: cabins) for welding / cutting laser robots in the region Ile de France, near Paris (France).

These equipments will require a specific design and a specific construction of the partitions.

Related features such as access for input and output of parts as well as for maintenance, disassembly of some subsets of the enclosures (cabins), and also various equipment like lighting, safety decices ... will be integrated according to the needs.

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