In a school restaurant, dividers can be useful, for sound insulation in buildings, in the context of the implementation of an action plan to improve acoustics to, ultimately, limit noise, causing discomfort for students (who have something to eat and also discuss with their classmates) and for management and service staff (who exercise their professional activity).

On the one hand, dividers, if they consist of a sound-absorbing lining (some of which having an absorption coefficient of up to 100% at mid-high frequencies corresponding to the maximum of the noise emissions of the human voice) contribute to limit the reverberation in the considered space and thus make it possible to limit the amplification of sound levels due to the phenomenon of reflection of sound waves.

On the other hand, they can have (especially if the reverberation is controlled by means of absorbent linings on the walls and ceiling/under-roof and complementarily by with the dividers themselves) a screen effect: an acoustical attenuation can be observed on the side of the partition opposite the sources of noise that are in a restaurant namely the voice of the occupants (young and old) or any other sound manifestation of their presence and of their desire to make it known, the manipulation of silverwares, the moving of chairs (a phenomenon of diffraction of sound waves intervenes). Thus it is possible to fight, in a canteen, against the spread of noise emitted by a table to a neighboring table by means of dividers.

ITS will participate in the supply of dividers for a school restaurant in the area of Bordeaux (New Aquitaine region, France).

These soundproofing equipment, for which a wide range of colors each more attractive than each other is available, will also contribute to beautify the considered space, what is a recurring demand during rehabilitation projects.

Modular and mobile (in the context of this project: on a flat base), the partitions will be able to adapt to the possible evolutions of the layout of the school restaurant room e.g. in case of modification of the implantation of the tables or of the alleys of circulation, in case of increase of the capacities of reception of pupils (less is better for a given floor area, otherwise watch out for the noise increase ...).

Last but not least, the lining of the screens will be cleanable in case the served food would be used, for all or part, not only to feed the young guests, but also to provide an evidence (if necessary) of their propensity to play. The durability of these functional and decorative dividers will be at stake in this school restaurant.

On base or on wheels, with or without glazed part, large or small, high or low: ITS sells dividers for school restaurant for all the needs related to the noise limitation, which is necessary, especially in schools or universities, and also in corporate restaurants. It is thus possible to make such living spaces more user-friendly, both in terms of acoustic comfort and visual ambience (ITS dividers for school restaurant are available in a wide range of colors with regard to filling and with a very large number of possibilities for the coloring of the metallic parts, provided that it is chosen in the RAL color chart).

So, for the partitions of your collective dining room, require ITS dividers !

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