ITS intervenes in paper industry, corrugated cardboard industry: noise control, acoustical insulation, soundproofing, acoustic nuisance limitation are all aspects of a process of prevention or reduction of disorders or non-compliances that can justify having recourse to its expertise.

In relation to various issues (often with the objective of protecting workers against noise from production sites, sometimes to avoid disturbing the neighborhood), ITS markets the solutions offered by the company Faist, a major player in the world market, in terms of soundproof enclosures for machines, soundproofing screens, noise barriers for corrugators (e.g. single facers), or for other sub-assemblies of corrugated cardboard production lines, or paper transformation).

Full speed, no noise - noise control for corrugator lines - text of the brochure of Faist (whose representative in France is ITS) -

New Legal Requirements

The new EU noise directive (2003/10/ EG), which came into effect on February 15th, 2006, requires new, reduced noise levels at the corrugated line workstation.

FAIST sound enclosures guarantee the levels required by the new EU noise directive, by DIN EN 13023 and, in addition are forward looking.

The Wave Source

Sound levels of approximately 112 dB(A), depending upon speed and flute, must be reduced using enclosures at the single facers. In the past, sound attenuation systems were simply functional. Now the trend is towards attractive appearance and colorachieved through FAIST’s high quality powder coating system.

Our concept using safety glass in the correct locations results in high visibility of the machine. The size and strategic door placements allow optimum machine maintenance.

Sliding doors below the paper inlet result in easy introduction of the paper line.

Too Much Warm Air Can be Harmful

In order to guarantee the quality of the corrugated cardboard, the enclosure must be well ventilated.

FAIST’s intake and exhaust ventilation systems are coordinated to achieve optimal exhaust of humid and warm air.

If additional measures are desired, we offer filter systems and heat recovery measures.

Gluing Made to Measure

FAIST’s exact planning ability comes into play especially when it comes to the sound enclosure for the glue unit with its extensive staircases.

Taking all details into account results in a concept which is perfectly aligned with the total operation.

It might also be advantageous, to integrate the braking station and the web tension control into the sound enclosure.

The Dry End is often Overlooked

Noise levels around 95 dB(A) at the slitter scorer, approximately 100 dB(A) at the cutoff or in excess of 100 dB(A) at the edge trim aspiration require increased noise control at the Dry End.

A Quiet Place for Thinking

You can structure an optimal working environment for your employees utilizing our control room. Good visibility, optimal monitor lighting as well as air conditioning all contribute to a comfortable working environment.

The floor is constructed of conductible double paving tiles resulting in a hollow space in which cables can be placed. FAIST also constructs two story cabins that can serve as offices, IT room or storage space.

Two Concepts - One Result

FAIST’s noise control concepts result in a quiet environment as well as clean air on the production hall.

The machines can be enclosed individually, or the complete line can be partitioned by a building high wall.

Proven Concepts

As a result of the EU directive, there is also an increased demand for noise control for the finishing machines.

In this respect, we work with every customer to find solutions for their individual noise control specifications based on our proven standards.

Everything has to Fit

Architectural acoustics complete FAIST’s program. By utilizing our absorbing wall and ceiling cladding, we can reduce the overall plant noise level by up to 5 dB(A).

Planning to incorporate noise absorbing surfaces in the production hall before construction begins is more economical than subsequent installation. We would be happy to advise you.

See the brochure of FAIST (ITS is practicing the brokerage for the supply / installation of soundproofing equipement