ITS intervenes in energy sector: noise control, acoustical insulation, soundproofing, noise exposure reduction, acoustic nuisance limitation are all aspects of a prevention or nuisance diminution approach that may justify having recourse to its expertise.

In relation to various issues (combining objectives relating to protection of workers against noise in industrial sites and preservation of sound environment for their neighbourhood - often in the context of projects being complex and involving very important challenges), ITS markets the solutions offered by the company FAIST, major player in the world market, in terms of soundproofed buildings, acoustic screens, noise barriers and air intake and filtration systems for power plants (e.g. involving gas turbines) or for other facilities with turbomachinery.

Full power, no noise - noise control for power plants - text of the brochure of Faist (whose representative in France is ITS) -

Gas and steam turbines - The silent giants

Our state-of-the-art enclosures (sound-absorbing hoods) fulfill many functions. The design, appropriate to each case, of our enclosures (soundproofing hoods) makes it possible to reduce the noise levels emitted by energy production plants - such as gas or steam turbines, diesel engines and generators - to meet legal requirements.

FAIST provides these state-of-the-art soundproofing solutions, based on many years of experience in the field of noise abatement from power plants. FAIST takes into account all aspects of the soundproofing solution.

We have created highly efficient sound insulation systems to meet the high standards of our customers. For example: each soundproofing panel can be easily repositioned as needed. This is essential to facilitate turbine maintenance operations and to replace large sub-assemblies.

FAIST engineers use 3-dimensional computer simulations that allow the customer to visualize the resulting characteristics of the enclosure (soundproof cover). Customers can customize their soundproofing needs during the design phase.

Ventilation is a very important feature of enclosures (soundproofing hoods) of power plants. The air change must be carefully dimensioned and the air itself must be treated to meet the needs for the enclosed equipment both under normal conditions and under extreme conditions.

The design and sizing of the ventilation silencers make it possible to limit the diffusion of noise and the appropriate air flows make it possible to remain within the authorized limits for the temperature inside the enclosure (soundproofing cover) in view to guarantee normal operating conditions of the equipment.

Air intake systems - High efficiency modular systems + facilitated logistics

FAIST optimized air intake filters and silencers are designed as standard modules that can be modified to meet customer needs.

Our goal is to allow easy and damage-free transport, as well as to allow rapid assembly on site.

FAIST has developed a standard module, "FAIST AFP-A" (FAIST Standard Air Filtration Pac-Version A) which allows the construction of most filter assemblies, regardless of turbine manufacturer or size.

This design flexibility is possible for multistage (static) filters with pre-filter and fine filter or for self-cleaning forced air filter systems. FAIST air intake silencers use our special design of splitters to significantly reduce total pressure loss while improving acoustic performance.

A lower total pressure loss means greater power delivered by the turbine and (therefore) increased profitability of the facility.

Compact packages and enclosures (sound-absorbing hoods) for compressor stations - Un-Noisy neighbors

The compact soundproofing package is the best solution for power plants in the low power range. This type of enclosure (soundproofing hood) offers to FAIST Customers two essential advantages.

Firstly, all the equipment can be installed on site in less than three days, because all the sub-assemblies are pre-assembled in our factory.

Second, the mechanical acceptance control of the soundproof compartment and the filtration compartment is carried out in our factory. Start-up is quick and easy thanks to the pre-equipped connections of the gas turbine compartment and the air intake system. This allows for significant savings on the total cost of the installation. FAIST's highly qualified technicians optimize ventilation systems to minimize total pressure losses.

FAIST takes the utmost account of the security requirements of its customers. We exclusively use explosion-proof components for the compact soundproofing packages.

The air intakes are designed by FAIST to create clean room conditions in the area between the filtration compartment and the soundproof compartment, thus minimizing the risk of the turbine sucking unwanted dust and debris, thereby minimizing the risk of the turbine sucking unwanted dust and debris, which greatly reduces the probability of damage (for the turbine).

Benefit from our experience and our know-how to improve the efficiency of your facility and become a quiet neighbor yourself. Enjoy the silence inside and outside.

Cogeneration plants - Ecological and high efficiency

The combined production of electricity and heat improves the total efficiency of an installation by up to 90%.

The compact FAIST enclosure (soundproofing hood), which also provides thermal insulation, is incorporated when implementing this energy production concept.

The design of our sound-absorbing enclosure must meet various requirements:

  • quick access
  • easily removable panels
  • tailor-made ventilation
  • vibration damping
  • optimal sound insulation

FAIST technicians design soundproofing equipment based on the existing situation and the acoustic characteristics of the different noise sources.

We will be happy to design an economical and environmentally friendly solution to meet your specific needs. The construction of soundproofing equipment is based on our acoustic predictions.