When looking for a consulting engineer in acoustics Lyon (in the Rhône-Alpes-Auvergne region) or elsewhere in France (Europe), and also in neighboring countries, ITS offers its services in the context of sound insulation and soundproofing projects.

From on-site measurement (for architectural and industrial acoustics) to the recommendation of solutions with guaranteed results, ITS offers a whole range of services (all covered by an ISO 9001 certification), which is a guarantee of quality.

Calculation notes prepared by ITS allow to quantify the sound impact of noise sources (industrial equipment, power plants or refrigeration units, boiler rooms) for the environment or to predict the effectiveness of the implementation of construction materials or systems with regard to the improvement of acoustic situations causing either excessive exposure to noise for workers (i.e. with noise levels above the limit values triggering action), or a disturbance of the neighborhood (i.e. with an emergence too large), or discomfort for the users of some premises, sometimes not in conformity with regulation (e.g. with a reverberation time being too high, with insufficient spatial decay).

Thanks to the means of simulation of ITS (in acoustics, but also in aeraulics, in aerodynamics, in heat science) the sound emissions of noise sources, the sound propagation inside and outdoor, the performance of building envelopes, of acoustic walls, of noise barriers, of absorbent linings, of mufflers and of other soundproofing devices is assessed in a manner that is sufficiently accurate to allow the achievement of the expected results at the end of soundproofing actions without fail.

The experience of the human resource of ITS makes it possible to envisage the best solutions at the best price.

ITS offers customized consulting services in acoustics, as close as possible to the needs of its clients, who often seek a single point of contact to manage as a whole a problem that requires expertise as varied as acoustic metrology, soundproofing measures design, construction technologies for sound-muffling devices and barriers, or technical assistance when carrying out works.

The human resource of ITS is familiar with the handling of such cases in the context of the most complex international projects, with sometimes colossal stakes (including financial ones) and immense technical challenges, as in domestic projects, more ordinary, but where rigor, reactivity, inventiveness and flexibility in relation to different technical or other requirements are nevertheless sought.

Whether it comes to the management of problems related to noise emissions from equipment as noisy as gas turbines (with regard to protecting workers or preserving environment), or should one take care of the ins and outs making it possible that silence reigns, as it should, in an anechoic room intended to be used for research and development work in acoustics, or else should it be necessary to improve the acoustic comfort of premises as diverse as canteens, meeting rooms, swimming pools and other sports halls, nurseries and other spaces in schools: ITS can make it (whatever the level of ambitions in terms of acoustic performance), sometimes in relation to partners, if so: handpicked and having in common with ITS the care for a job well done.

ITS offers services as consulting engineer in acoustics in the context of sound insulation and soundproofing projects in Lyon (France, Europe).