When looking for a consultant in acoustics, in Lyon or elsewhere, ITS can be contacted for measurement and consulting, sometimes well beyond the Rhône-Alpes-Auvergne region (France).

Expected benefits can be linked to industrial projects, in particular in relation to the limitation of noise emissions in work premises e.g. production workshops in which levels of exposure to noise are so high (sometimes due to reverberation phenomena ) that triggering action. It is then necessary to evaluate the suitability of an acoustic correction of the premises, or of a noise reduction at the source by the implementation of canopies, enclosures, soundproofing partitions, noise barrier walls or silencers.

The design of test benches and measuring rooms for R & D in acoustics, for which acoustic insulation systems with above-average performances are often sought, may also be the source of questions which an acoustic consultant like ITS can answer.

Sometimes it is a problem of neighborhood annoyance, from time to time in relation to facilities classified for the protection of the environment: emergence (i.e. the difference between the A-weighted equivalent continuous noise pressure levels of the ambient noise, installation in operation, and residual noise, installation at standstill) exceeds the permissible value, which depends on the observation period. In such a situation, it is necessary to know which equipment (e.g. refrigeration units, dust removal installations, fans, industrial chimneys, ducts, building envelope sections) must be the subject of noise reduction actions, and how to go about making compliance possible.

In other cases, the lack of intelligibility of speech in a meeting room, the discomfort of a space intended for the reception or the schooling of children, the hubbub observed in a dining room (in a company, a school, or in a facility that is meant to host gourmets) can motivate the use of an acoustic consultant to make a diagnosis of the situation and to identify solutions, such as setting up claustras, wall absorbent linings, installation of suspended ceiling panels with high sound absorption.

In all these contexts and in others, the use of an acoustic consultant can allow a comprehensive evaluation of a situation and a detailed and technical inventory of solutions to improve it if necessary.

The human resource of ITS is experienced in this field of soundproofing and in connected jobs (aeraulic, heat science), equipped with efficient means for measurement and computations, flexible and pragmatic.

Consultant in acoustics in Lyon (France, Europe), ITS can be contacted for measurement and consulting