Construction of a noise hood for press soundproofing

In a metal-forming workshop, a press is a very powerful noise source potentially causing sound nuisance for the personnel operating in the vicinity (in production halls) and sometimes also for the neighborhood. It is often necessary to use in such cases a high-tech soundproofing equipment (noise hood) to ensure the conformity of the facility with respect to the legislation on noise in workplaces and sometimes also with respect to the regulations in terms of fight against domestic noise.


Improvement of acoustic comfort of a call center

Like many other open spaces (open plan offices, spaces free of limits, large open offices), i.e. spaces designed to accommodate more than 5 people without complete separations between the workplaces, a call center is a workspace in which various activities can be carried out: telephone, paperwork, etc. Reverberation must be limited to ensure no interference between nearby workstations but also to allow comfort for short-distance conversations.

If the level of performance associated with the...

Construction of soundproofing devices for several sub sets of 2 gas turbines with high power output

In a power plant with gas turbines (combustion turbines), some airborne noise is emitted by the various subsets making up each turbomachinery (in addition to noise emissions associated with the mouths for air intake and exhaust not included in the current project, although regularly studied and subject of simulation and design work by ITS as part of other projects in the field of energy production):

  • the turbine compartment i.e. compressors, combustion chamber, turbine
  • the auxiliary...