Acoustic improvement of a daycare center (to limit noise)

As other establishments hosting (regularly or occasionally) children under 6 (e.g. crèches, kindergartens), a daycare center is a place for which it is often necessary to consider a posteriori anacoustic improvement (to limit noise).

Indeed, in France, there is currently (i.e. at the start of 2020) no regulatory text setting the minimum acoustical characteristics of such buildings.

Because of this (it's sad, but it is so: there is a cause and effect link), it is not uncommon for a daycare...

Sound attenuation of an industrial site

Sound attenuation of an industrial site is a necessity that stems from the fact that industrial processes (whether production or transformation) are, most of the time, noisy and that populations must be protected ; it thus meets several objectives which often add up:

  • on the one hand, it is a question of preserving the hearing of workers: the production operators and the maintenance technicians of the site hosting the noisy industrial processes must be protected from too high noise exposure...

Decompression silencer

A decompression silencer is necessary to limit the noise of the thermodynamic process of venting a gas, or more generally: a pressurized fluid.

It is therefore a hardware quite often used in the energy sector, when it comes to preserving the sound environment.

On the one hand, it is a question of protecting personnel, i.e. limiting their exposure to noise levels liable to cause significant hearing problems, sometimes irreversible (recognition of deafness as an occupational disease is only a...