Noise reduction in a canteen

Whatever our age, a canteen is an essential social living space of our modern world.

As children, we are registered in the canteen of a nursery, a day-care center and then a school ; the soundscape is then resulting from the learning by young guests of communication techniques based on language and on other sound emissions less codified.

As adolescents, we go to the canteen of a high school or of a learning center ; the schoolboyish jokes then cheerfully contribute to the sound...

Marine silencers

The elimination of the noise emitted by marine engines is quite challenging namely due to space and weight limitation generally imposed for boats, what involves a certain complexity for the selection of industrial soundproofing devices like exhaust silencers for propulsion engines and gensets.

Such noise sources must be mitigated to allow day to day work of staff in conditions being acceptable and to allow the stay of passengers to be sufficiently comfortable, not only in cabins but also on...

Oil and gas : soundproofing with ITS

Refining, natural gas liquefaction and power generation for oil and gas industry often involve combustion turbines with an output above 40 MW.

In such cases, the combustion turbine itself, a gas fuel module and a water injection module are powerful noise sources of which the impact must be limited to protect workers in the power plant and neighbors as well.

Noise barriers walls and sound enclosures (both: with a steel structure able to withstand high loads due to wind and snow and seismic...