ITS offers its services in relation to acoustics: studies, projects, measurements in Lyon (in the Rhône-Alpes-Auvergne region) or elsewhere in France (Europe) and in neighboring countries.

These are consulting services for various problems (noise, reverberation, performance of constructive insulation systems) in relation to the sizing of soundproofing equipment (protection of workers and of environment, comfort in buildings). On-site intervention for metrology, diagnostics, calculation (simulation with specific software often developed internally), consulting, recommendations, development of solutions for the prevention and limitation of noise nuisance: all ITS engineering missions comply with the requirements of the ISO 9001 standard.

The studies and measurements proposed by ITS aim at defining, in the context of various projects, soundproofing measures such as enclosures for machines and noisy production lines in industry, cowling, screens (anti-noise walls) and mufflers for ventilation, air-conditioning or for a variety of processes (the sound emissions of which must be limited to preserve the vicinity of nuisances), as well as acoustic correction systems for test benches and for acoustic testing rooms or for premises in which speech and listening require specific installations such as the implementation of sound-absorbing coatings (wall, or under-roof).

in relation to acoustics (studies, projects, measurements) in Lyon, france or elsewhere, such missions often require that ITS takes into account regulatory texts (most often based on French law) or standards (sometimes European or international) in relation to acoustical insulation, e.g. for on-site measurements, for the analysis of the conformity of a situation, for predictive calculations in acoustics. The knowledge of the acoustic properties of materials and of various construction systems is often required for the completion by ITS of its acoustics studies and measurements in the context soundproofing projects, in particular in order to be able to provide the guarantee of results expected at the end of a soundproofing action e.g. in terms of lowering a noise level that is too high (what is a recurring problem, both in industry and in construction).

Whatever the projects, ITS studies and measurements services in acoustics, requiring multidisciplinary knowledge, are carried out by an experienced human resource attentive to the satisfaction of its customers.