When looking for a service provider in acoustics in Lyon, France - Europe, ITS can be contacted for consultancy and engineering missions related to soundproofing in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region or elsewhere (in France, but not only).

Where appropriate, ITS proposes an on-site intervention to characterize an acoustic situation related to the protection of workers (e.g. in industrial environments: workshops but also offices), either it comes to the measurement of noise levels or if it is necessary to determine (by specific measurements involving a sound level meter and a noise generator) the acoustic performance of rooms (in terms of airborne noise insulation or with respect to reverberation phenomena) as it is also the case in the context of consideration of the acoustic comfort of spaces with particular concerns in terms of sound environment in buildings (canteens, sports halls, meeting rooms, nurseries, etc…

If necessary, ITS performs predictive acoustics calculations using simulation software (often internally developed) to size equipment to improve an acoustic situation or prevent discomfort (e.g. neighborhood).

Technologies for noise control at source (encapsulation of noisy machines, silencers for transporting fluids and sometimes for venting into the atmosphere if they are under pressure) or for limiting its propagation both indoors and outdoors (screens), as well as for acoustic correction of premises (using absorbent linings) are often used to provide solutions to noise pollution problems, ITS being able to evaluate & define appropriate means to reach (without fail) a result (subject to a guarantee).

The choice of such soundproofing equipment then involves performance criteria, but also (a fortiori if it concerns projects in the field of construction) considerations related to the aspect, to the conditions of implementation and to economic criteria.

The human resource of ITS, which is familiar with the market for soundproofing products and equipment and which is familiar with the related construction and installation works, is offering to its customers (builders, installers, users), as expected from a service provider in acoustics, an accompaniment (in this case: personalized) in all contexts (new, renovation).

Choice soundscapes, everywhere. This is the slogan of ITS.

ITS is a service provider for acoustics in Lyon (France, Europe)