It is appropriate to begin a process of struggle against noise by taking the advice of professionals of soundproofing, such as Isolation Technologie Services, able to accompany a Client throughout his process of sound nuisance reduction by providing to him the expertise (of its human resource) of more than 25 years in the field of acoustics in all sectors of activity: industry, environment, energy, testing rooms, building.

Depending on the context, the noise control approach proposed by ITS may include:

  • a diagnosis, including - on site - sound level measurements (and in some cases, reverberation time measurements and/or spatial sound decay measurements inside buildings):
    • such acoustic metrology is then carried out by a workforce qualified in physical measurements (specialized in instrumental techniques) with sound equipment duly calibrated and verified
    • comparison with reference values ​​(e.g. from regulations, standards, technical specifications), identification and prioritization of noise sources are often an integral part of such missions
  • a study of solutions; the selection or development of constructive systems for noise reduction often requires simulations (e.g. sound propagation and impact) and sizing calculations with specific software (some decision-making tools being developed by human resources of ITS)
  • the marketing of soundproofing materials (for applications inside buildings or outside)
    • materials, products and components: panels and linings with properties in terms of sound absorption and/or attenuation, silencers of all kinds
    • systems i.e. constructions, possibly turnkey (on-site installation then being part of the scope): reverberation control of premises, soundproofing casings and enclosures for machines, noise barriers, soundproof buildings

In the field of noise control, experience counts when it comes to offering solutions adapted to each context (taking into account all the related issues), with proven effectiveness and at an affordable price. 

Plan, do, check, act: these are the key words to characterize a noise control approach as offered by ITS since all our products and services are subject to ISO 9001 certification for the management of our quality system.

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