When you are looking for an acoustician (acoustic engineer) near Lyon (in the Rhône-Alpes-Auvergne region) or elsewhere in France - Europe (and also in neighboring countries), ITS offers its services, having obtained ISO 9001 certification for its engineering and software publishing services in relation to soundproofing.

ITS services may be based on on-site measurements (e.g. sound levels), require simulations of the performance of soundproofing products and construction systems, include an assessment of acoustic compliance (of a noise source such as a machine or of another noisy equipment with respect to its sound emissions, of a premise i.e. a space in a building with respect to its reverberation or regarding spatial noise decay) or make it necessary to dimension soundproofing equipment.

The equipment that is the object of the ITS acoustician’s (acoustic engineer's) works is often cowling and enclosures or carterizations of sub-assembly of production lines (including machine tools), acoustic screens for refrigeration units, silencers for ventilation and air conditioning systems or for various processes (with cold gas e.g. turbo-machinery, fans air intakes or with hot gas e.g. exhausts from combustion engines or gas turbines, discharge silencers).

But it can also be buildings: housing equipment of which noise emissions should be limited (to protect workers or to avoid a disturbance of the neighborhood e.g. for power plants, industrial production units, test benches), or for which the acoustic comfort of the occupants is a problem with particular challenges, such as dining rooms for companies or for schools, sports halls, meeting rooms, spaces for speaking and listening.

In many cases, acoustics is a major criterion for the quality of such equipment (a fortiori but not only if it comes to an acoustic testing room e.g. an anechoic room), what make it necessary the study and advice intervention of an acoustician (acoustic engineer), as proposed by ITS, either at the time of the initial design of the equipment or during its life cycle (to improve its performance, either because it has always been insufficient, or because it has become obsolete given the evolution of evaluation criteria e.g. regulatory or normative criteria).

Thus, rehabilitations (whose objective is to increase acoustic performance, to be guaranteed) constitute an important part of the activity of the acoustician (acoustic engineer): ITS is not exempt from the rule.

Of course, acoustics well-controlled from the outset of a project is the most economical way of avoiding non-conformities of equipment (machinery or premises sometimes unsuitable for service due to their failure) and various disadvantages that may arise.

As such, in relation to industry, situations of fatigue and sometimes auditory trauma of workers exposed to excessive noise levels can be reported (such situations are often the cause of a deterioration of the social climate in the workplace, and professional deafness has a very high cost - not only human –), but also situations of discomfort for neighbors. The latter sometimes have to file a complaint to assert their right to tranquility: the operator may in some cases expose himself to a suspension of its activity by the competent authorities (and hence: may face operating losses).

Moreover, in relation to construction, the depreciation of infrastructures for which the acoustics have been neglected can be mentioned, what (if the users have the choice) can lead to a lack of frequentation of premises for which acoustics is poor (e.g. restaurants, sports halls) until the necessary is done to allow such spaces to highlight the qualities originally being the reason why existing.

Having recourse to an acoustician (acoustic engineer), as possible with ITS, having a certification ISO 9001 for all its activities, and namely for its works in relation to engineering and software publishing in the field of acoustical insulation, is a basic precaution in the context of any project (in the building or industry) for which acoustics is, or can become, a way to cast a favorable light on (when mastered), or a disadvantage and a source of undesirable events (when poorly considered).

ITS offers services as acoustician (acoustic engineer) in Lyon (France, Europe) for any project related to sound insulation or soundproofing.