When one is looking to limit the propagation of noise by the means of an acoustic sreen, ITS offers a wide range of sound absorbing dividers for many applications related to soundproofing / acoustic insulation regarding the acoustic comfort for tertiary premises like canteens, restaurants, dining rooms, and also for open spaces, call centers...

ITS offers powerful solutions at a reasonable cost in response to all the needs in the matter of soundproofing (preventive or curative) by the means of ergonomic equipment (standard or tailor made) for which the quality of design and of execution meets the highest level of requirement in this area for an efficient fight against noise in the context of compliance with legislation on noise at work (or of improvement of working conditions) or of compliance to the regulation in terms of acoustic comfort in buildings (mainly).

The sound absorbing dividers offered by ITS allow to to reduce the noise amplification due to reverberation phenomena and to limit its propagation in interior considered spaces.

They are easily transportable for a reinstallation in a different place (they are with supporting feet or with wheels).

They are usually made of acoustical panels made of a high density made of a high density mineral wool and of a suitable surfacing (fabric) allowing acleaning with a wet cloth and if needed equipped with acoustic windows with safety glass.Some of those construction elements may have a sound reduction index Rw that can reach 30 dB as a standard (a higher performance can be obtained by the means of special constructions).

Depending on the needs, the sound absorbing dividers can have 0, 1 or 2 absorbing faces (some screens can have an acoustic absorption coefficient αs that can be close from 100% for high frequency).

Regarding products and construction systems proposed by ITS their performance is measured in laboratory according to current standards:

  • their sound reduction index according to the standards NF EN ISO 140-3 Acoustics - Measurement of sound insulation in buildings and of building elements - Part 3: laboratory measurement of airborne sound insulation of building elements and EN NF 717-1 Rating of sound insulation in buildings and of building elements Part 1: airborne sound insulation
  • their sound absorption coefficient according to the standards NF EN ISO 354 Acoustics - Measurement of sound absorption in a reverberation room and NF EN ISO 11654 Sound absorbers for use in buildings - Rating of sound absorption

Thesound absorbing dividers proposed by ITS can be delivered as a kit ready to assemble with assembly instructions or be installed turnkey.

A guarantee of acoustic performance on site is issued for each installation of sound absorbing dividers.

sound absorbing divider 
(school canteen)

sound absorbing dividers 
(school canteen)


The sound absorbing dividers offered by ITS are robust constructions with quality finishes ensuring a high durability.

The on site performance ofabsorbing dividers depends namely on the size and on the geometry of the screen, on its distance to the noise source, on its distance to the place where the screen effect is necessary and on the more or less close partitions of the building: walls and roof according to their sound absorption properties (and also on the considered frequency range).

This equipment is available with various colors, to take into account the diversity of decoration requirements of all the projects in the context of which they can be considered.

111 acoustic material color chart

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See the frequently asked questions related to this equipment
See the frequently asked questions related to this equipment
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ITS offers sound absorbing dividers for premises, buildings, rooms where speech intelligibility and acoustic comfort are desirable.

Absorbing divider, sound absorbing divider, acoustic divider, divider with high sound absorption, noise-reducing divider, soundproofing divider,: all equipment that one can source thanks to Isolation Technologie Services (ITS).