When one is looking to the improvement of sound attenuation / sound insulation performance of an existing duct wall, ITS offers a wide range of acoustic lagging for ducts and pipes for all applications related to acoustic insulation / soundproofing related to the protection of workers against noise, preservation of acoustic environment, limitation of noise emissions in the energy sector, acoustic comfort in buildings.

The ducts and pipes are sources of noise sometimes accompanied by a great acoustic power, notably because of the large surface of the walls causing noise emissions, when it comes to long networks such as those frequently encountered in the chemical industry or in the Oil and Gas sector, especially if they allow the propagation (e.g. due to the presence of a fluid that they carry) of the noise created by a valve,a  fan or other process equipment.

Of course, singularities such as elbows, junctions, diverters, since they are at the origin of a total pressure loss for the fluid which is ducted, are likely to generate an aerodynamic noise, which can also propagate in the pipes, what then requires soundproofing measures.

It is then necessary to limit the sound transmission through the walls of such ducts and pipes, what is not always easy to achieve in practice because the attenuation of noise at high frequencies is generally accompanied by a vibro-acoustic radiation increase at low-frequency, where often is the resonance frequency of the mass-spring-mass system consisting of steel or aluminum sheet covering a thin mineral wool lining (acting as spring) and by the support on which the lagging is applied (Module 3 of software SILDIS® is dedicated to the prediction of acoustic performances of duct walls, for what one can sollicit ITS for a simulation in case of doubt) ; solid noise transmissions are often a tricky problem to deal with too.

In addition to the industrial sector, applications related to acoustic lagging for ducts and pipes soundproofing are numerous in buildings, particularly in relation to Heating Ventilation Air-Conditioning (HVAC) installations.

acoustic lagging of an air outlet duct for soundproofing (pharmaceutical industry)




ITS offers laggings for ducts and pipes soundproofing i.e. for environmental preservation against break-out noise transmission

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