When one is looking to obtain a noise reduction by the means of a silencer, ITS offers a wide range of exhaust silencers for combustion turbines / gas turbines for all applications related to acoustic insulation / soundproofing (protection of workers against noise, preservation of acoustic environment) in relation to the limitation of noise emissions in the energy sector.

Range of applications 

  • reduction of noise impact of decentralized power plants or of heavy duty power generation plants


  • excellent technical characteristics and robustness
  • ease of implementation (easy assembly/disassembly)
  • high adaptability of acoustic performance
  • high level of standardization


  • an envelope being rectangular or circular, metallic, double shell (perfect mechanical resistance over time) with an upstream connecting flange and with a downstream connecting flange and with thermal insulation
  • splitters (sometimes called: baffles) generally parallelepipedic (except for silencers with a circular cross section), with metallic frames and structures
    • thickness, filling (usually mineral wool), finishes, free open area, geometry of upstream and downstream ends: adapted depending on the desired performance

exhaust silencer
for combustion turbine / gas turbine


  • in case of a silencer with a rectangular cross section, the soundproofing device is in the form of a box-piece generally monobloc

Standard constitution (for rectangular cross section)

  • casing made of steel sheet, thickness according to performance requirements, with connecting flanges upstream and downstream
  • splitters (sometimes called: baffles) rectangular, with steel frames, with a profiled upper extremity for back pressure limitation
  • filling made of mineral wool with a cover made of fabric (glass fabric in some cases)
  • perforated facing made of steel sheet, thickness according to performance requirements (other finish upon request)

Weather resistance 

  • outdoor use in all kinds of environments

Acoustic and aerodynamic performance 

  • simulated - Insertion loss, flow noise and total pressure loss. Non standard performance can be obtained by the means of special constructions

Associated products and services (on request) 

  • other components of exhaust systems. Complete study. On-site installation (national and international)
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See the frequently asked questions related to this equipment
See the frequently asked questions related to this equipment
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ITS offers exhaust silencers for combustion turbines, gas turbines for power plants workers protection and for environment preservation against noise.

Exhaust silencer for combustion turbines / gas turbines, noise diminution device for combustion turbines / gas turbines exhaust, noise limitation device for combustion turbines / gas turbines exhaust, noise reduction device for combustion turbines / gas turbines exhaust : all equipment that one can source thanks to Isolation Technologie Services (ITS).