When looking for a cleaning system for industrial engines exhaust gases (stationary e.g. for cogeneration, or for propulsion of ships) ITS offers a wide range of Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) devices.

Provided that the temperature of the exhaust gas is less than 520 degrees C (otherwise: they must be cooled before depollution), such an exhaust gas purification system (whose best performance is obtained for a range of temperature 380-470 degrees C) is based on a chemical reaction to reduce the level of NOx nitrogen oxides, e.g. at values ​​as low as 190 mg / Nm3 for a 3.5 MW engine.

The engine exhaust gas cleaning systems proposed by ITS are based on the injection of urea at a suitable dosage, in connection with a compressed air device, and involve catalytic cartridges ; the process is controlled by a Programmable logic Controller (PLC), with specific instrumentation (involving temperature, pressure and NOx sensors).

When (as often) combined with a silencer, the engine exhaust gas purification systems marketed by ITS allow (at the same time) a limitation of the emissions of atmospheric pollutants and a reduction of the noise by means of equipment then optimized in terms of interfaces and dimensions (what is particularly important in the case of generators installed in containers) and in terms of total pressure loss.

Of course, catalytic cartridges that can be inserted into an exhaust silencer are also marketed by ITS.

Engine exhaust gas
cleaning system: combination with silencer

Engine exhaust gas
cleaning system: catalytic module integrated to silencer


Engine exhaust gas cleaning systems can be sourced thanks to ITS, like all other components of engine exhaust lines: from an engine outlet flange to the outlet of a stack.

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Selective Catalytic Reduction Device, catalytic converter: all equipment that one can source from Isolation Technologie Services (ITS).

ITS offers engine exhaust gas cleaning system.