When one is looking to obtain a noise reduction by the means of a silencer, ITS offers a wide range of discharge silencers for various applications related to acoustic insulation / soundproofing: protection of workers against noise, preservation of acoustic environment, limitation of noise emissions in the energy sector.

ITS offers powerful solutions at a reasonable cost in response to all the needs in the matter of soundproofing (preventive or curative) by the means of equipment (standard or tailor made) for which the quality of design and of execution meets the highest level of requirement in this area for an efficient fight against noise.

The discharge silencers offered by ITS allow to reduce noise for process facilities using pressurized fluids (air, oxygen, nitrogen ...) notably for chemical industry, for oil & gas sector, for some heavy duty industries and also for power plants (safety valves, bleedings ...).

The noise level close at hand is generally well below the lower values of exposure of workers to noise trigging action and the noise levels in environment are generally well below the limits imposed by regulations in order to avoid sound nuisance.

They are usually made of metallic casing and internal components made of steel (stainless if requested). Depending on needs, the linings of dissipative silencers are with a mineral fiber filling. Some silencers may have an insertion loss Di that can reach 50 dB as a standard with respect to a noise spectrum with low frequencies (a higher performance can be obtained by the means of special constructions).

Regarding discharge silencers proposed by ITS their performance is measured in laboratory according to the current standard:

  • standard NF EN 11820 Measurements on silencers in situ

The discharge silencers proposed by ITS can be delivered as a kit ready to assemble with assembly instructions or be installed turnkey.

A guarantee of acoustic performance on site is issued for each installation of discharge silencers .

discharge silencer

discharge silencer

The discharge silencers offered by ITS are robust constructions with quality finishes ensuring a high durability and for which a precise sizing and a tailor made design allow to optimize the aerodynamic performance for an appropriate operation.


discharge silencer

discharge silencer



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See the frequently asked questions related to this equipment
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As necessary, related equipment can also be provided such as supports, compensators, connecting piping, flanges and counter flanges ...

accessories for discharge silencers




ITS offers discharge silencers for conformity to environmental noise regulation in the neighborhood of chemical and power plants

Discharge silencer, blow down silencer, blow off silencer for pressurized gas, vent silencer for pressurized gas, noise reduction device for blowing off / venting of pressurized gas, noise reduction device for discharge / blow down, steam vent silencer: all equipment that one can source thanks to Isolation Technologie Services (ITS).