When seeking to limit vibration transmission, ITS offers a wide range of elastomeric antivibration mounts (pads) and hangers for all soundproofing / acoustic insulation applications: protection of workers against noise, preservation of acoustic environment, limitation of noise emissions in the energy sector, testing rooms acoustics, acoustic comfort in buildings.

Mainly, it comes often to the limitation of the effect of mechanical vibrations transmitted by solid structures in the field of the audible frequencies, at the origin of structure borne noise.

But also, it comes sometimes to the limitation of mechanical vibrations likely to cause, for constructions, various disorders such as those (e.g. cracks, breaks) resulting from the resonance: by maintained vibrations, or by excitations being repeated or not - at a higher or lower level - or by impulse vibratory sources.

The antivibration mounts (pads) and hangers with elastomers marketed by ITS are therefore (antivibration) suspensions especially used in the case of machines or equipment (in some cases: with connected elements e.g. pipes and ducts) likely to cause noise radiation by structures to which they are attached.

They are particularly suitable for the installation (buildings, ships, vehicles) of exhaust system components for combustion engines (among which: silencers) by allowing an elastic connection at contact (connection) points (bridges) therefore equipped with insulators.

The hardness of the elastomer (usually characterized by reference to a so-called "Shore" measurement scale) influences the performance of the elastomeric mounts (pads) and hangers in terms of mechanical decoupling, taking into account the applied load (variable from a few kilograms to a few tons) which depends on the total suspended mass and the number of contact points considered.

Among the anti-vibratory devices (supports) proposed by ITS, the elastomer mounts (pads) allow the supporting of a load which is placed above while the elastomer hangers are intended for the attachment of a load which is located below, taking into account the diversity of possible installation conditions, in particular with regard to dimensional aspects and to considerations related to interfaces and fixings.

Anti-vibration elastomer
mount (pad) and hangers


Various models of elastomeric antivibration pads and hangers marketed by ITS are presented on pages 93 to 100 of a catalog dedicated to exhaust systems: those soundproofing equipment cans also be applied for applications related to Heating Ventilation and Air-Conditioning (HVAC) installations.

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The antivibration mounts (pads) and hangers with elastomers marketed by ITS are (antivibration) suspensions for machines or equipment.