When it is desired to reduce noise by the means of an acoustic enclosure (soundproofing hood), or of a(n acoustic) partition or to protect people (from noise) by the means of a cabin (for soundproofing or soundproofed), or to limit the propagation of noise through an acoustic screen (which is sometimes referred to as a noise barrier), ITS offers a wide range of metallic acoustic window sets for many applications of soundproofing / sound insulation relating to the protection of workers against noise, the preservation of the acoustic environment, the limitation of noise emissions in the energy sector, to testing rooms acoustics.
Quality metallic acoustic window sets contribute to the acoustic comfort in buildings in an important manner.

Range of applications:

  • creating a sound reduction or a sound insulation by integration either in a (metallic) construction of an enclosure (hood), in a wall, in a partition (between 2 rooms or between a premise and outside) for industry, for buildings (namely: machinery premises), for environment or in an acoustic screen (indoor or outdoor) while maintaining visibility through the acoustic protection


  • excellent technical characteristics and robustness
  • ease of implementation
  • high adaptability of acoustic performance
  • wide range of possible applications


  • metal frame with powder coated steel as standard (for aluminum siding or stainless steel: on request) to ensure rapid installation
  • fix glass with peripheral gaskets to ensure a good seal to noise (perfect mechanical strength over time)
  • laminated safety glass
  • thickness, finishes tailored to the desired performance


  • steel frame assembled by electric welding with powder coating

Standard equipment:

  • colorless laminated safety glass
  • metallic cushion frames
  • peripheral gaskets made of EPDM

Anti-corrosion :

  • for typical applications, the metallic acoustic window sets are protected by a multilayer coating system in accordance with ISO 12 944 C2, with high durability (above 15 years).
  • for more demanding applications, the metallic acoustic window sets are protected by a multilayer coating system in accordance with ISO 12944 C4 or even C5 with high durability (above 15 years).

Weather resistance :

  • indoor or outdoor use in normal environments (other finish for different uses: on request)
  • options: composition for special applications (high pressure washing, chemical, pharmaceutical, ...)

Fire behavior (reaction to fire of ingredients according to standard NF F16-101):

  • metal parts: galvanized finish: rating M0 ; powdercoating finish: rating M1

Miscellaneous :

  • the metallic acoustic window sets contain no element favorable to microbial growth
  • protection against injury: in case of breakage of the glass, the fragments remain bonded to the interlayer. The glass is maintained and the glass partition remains in place

Thermal performance :

  • thermal transmission coefficient of glass of thickness e in a frame of thickness E

e  -  E
(mm) (mm)

(W / m / K )


8,8 - 60



8,8 - 80



30 - 100



 Acoustic performance :

  • sound reduction index according to the standards NF EN ISO 140-3 Acoustics - Measurement of sound insulation in buildings and of building elements - Part 3: laboratory measurement of airborne sound insulation of building elements and EN NF 717-1 Rating of sound insulation in buildings and of building elements Part 1: airborne sound insulation (for the glass alone of thickness e in a frame of thickness E)

e  -  E
(mm) (mm)



8,8 - 60



8,8 - 80



30 - 100



Note: a higher performance can be obtained by the means of special constructions

Implementation :

  • on the occasion of the construction of industrial soundproofing equipment or in buildings

Associated products and services (on request) :

  • structures/frames, metallic acoustic insulation panels, metallic acoustic insulation panels, corner panels, ventilation silencers, finishing equipment, delivery as a kit with assembly instructions (national and international). Complete study. On-site installation (national and international).

ITS offers acoustic window sets for buildings, for test benches and test rigs and for machines enclosures and carterisation.

Acoustic window, acoustic window set: all equipment that one can source thanks to Isolation Technologie Services (ITS).