When you want to achieve noise reduction by means of a silencer, ITS offers a wide choice of acoustic louvers for many applications related to soundproofing / acoustical insulation: protection of workers against noise, preservation of the sound environment, limitation of noise emissions in the energy sector, acoustics of test rooms, acoustic comfort in buildings.

Field of application

  • reduction of acoustic transmission in a duct, pipe or opening, without impeding the transport of air


  • excellent technical characteristics and robustness
  • ease of implementation
  • high adaptability of acoustic performances
  • protection against rain
  • a wide range of possible applications (in addition to the noise reduction of fans), such as for the construction of soundproof enclosures and machine hoods, the construction of cabins, the ventilation of technical rooms and of equipment for the production of electrical energy (or heat or refrigeration) as well, or for the air intake of test benches or acoustic measuring rooms, ventilation or air conditioning of buildings ...

Standard construction

  • galvanized sheet steel casing, possibly with powder coating (other finish on request) with downtream connection flange
  • splitters with galvanized steel frames, with profiled upstream end for limiting the pressure drop
    • medium density rockwool lining with a glass mat or glass fabric (in some cases): can be delivered with polyester lining
    • Galvanized perforated sheet steel facing, thickness according to required performance (other finish on request)


  • construction for special applications (e.g. clean rooms)
  • anti-bird screen

Anti corrosion

  • Envelope (when not made of stainless steel): for common applications, acoustic louvers casings are galvanized or protected by a multilayer paint system in accordance with ISO 12 944 C3 ; for more demanding applications, acoustic louvers casings are galvanized or protected by a multilayer paint system in accordance with ISO 12 944 C4 or even C5, with high durability (greater than 15 years); possible construction in stainless steel or aluminum
  • Splitters: for common applications: galvanized metal parts; for more demanding applications, metal parts in stainless steel or aluminum

Weather resistance

  • Indoor or outdoor use in normal environments (other finish for different uses: on request)

Fire behavior (reaction to fire of the components according to standard NF F16-101)

  • facings: galvanized finish: M0 classification; powder coated finish: M1 classification
  • filling: rockwool: M0 classification; polyester: M1 classification


  • in the case of a rockwool lining, a glass veil (or if required: a glass cloth) avoids defibration
  • in the case of a polyester lining, no surfacing is necessary, the filling being not subject to grinding (due to superficial melting) and not likely to emit biopersistent material
  • whatever the filling, acoustic louvers do not contain any element favorable to microbial growth

Acoustic performances

  • Measured / simulated in accordance with ISO 7235 Acoustics - Laboratory measurement procedures for duct silencers and terminal units - Insertion loss, flow noise and total pressure loss. Non-standard performance can be achieved with special constructions


  • during actions to prevent or reduce noise pollution: industry, environment, building: on vertical partitions, walls, doors if of size sufficiently large and if of constitution sufficiently robust

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Acoustic louvers

Acoustic louvers